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Bluffcatching... I guess. Pocket Tens @ 2-5

BambamBambam Posts: 27Subscriber
2/5 500 eff.

UTG straddle.

2 players fold to me in the CO

Hero raises $25 with T ♠ T

Folds to BB who 3bets to $75

Straddler calls, Hero calls.

(sidenote: I'd seen villain in this hand make some pretty questionable plays earlier. Here's one...

With a straddle on, he limped along with 7 other players. Then the straddler raises to $100. He called.
Flop: KKT. Preflop aggressor jams and villain calls with Q9o for a gutshot. wins with a rivered Q over pocket JJ)

Also, I'm starting to wonder if I'm getting a nitty image when I play. I fold to 3bets at 2-5 often and it seemed like TT was good enough to call in this spot.

So with all that hand in mind, I decided to call his 3bet.

9 7 K ♠

BB bets $110, Hero calls.

Here I feel like I can't just fold. I mean, he kinda has to cbet his entire range on this board... right? I felt like the presence of the King made it less likely he was 3betting with AK. Normally I'd probably fold here but something just felt off to me.


BB jams (I'm eff stack) I tank for a while and finally make the call.


BB shows 99. So he'd flopped a set.

I'd love to know what you all would've done here, and if you have any other critique or advice. It's so hard to put someone on a set it seems.

I'll be honest, what I posted above is pretty much my whole thought process. I'm not good at doing the math or really knowing what else I should be considering. So that's probably not good.


  • NathanGuentzelNathanGuentzel Posts: 155Member

    You open to 5x in CO? Is that standard in this game? You are then 3 bet by BB 3x, which is 15 BB out of our 100 stack, or 15%.

    We then flop 4th pair and call 110. This is when you decide you can't fold?! You call and have put in almost 40% of your stack. I guess on that river I bluff catch too.

    Since you are shallow and in position, how about 4 betting between 25 and 35 blinds preflop and have that be the last money you put in?

    My reasoning is even though we are in position, even flopping an overpair we are not going to be thrilled when calling a 3 bet with 100 blinds. Then you don't think you are set mining. Force out some overcard hands that have equity against us and give him the opportunity to fold preflop or 5 bet.

    Thanked by 1Bambam
  • joshofalltradesjoshofalltrades Posts: 164Subscriber
    With a straddle on I'm raising to $35-$40 to start with.

    The example you gave tells us he is a "bad" player, but the mistakes in that example were calling mistakes. When he bets, have you seen him make big deviations, showing up with hands that he shouldn't have?

    It's tough to know without having played with the player, but in the absence of evidence that he will 3! and not give up with weaker holdings, I probably find a fold on the turn.

    Thanked by 2Bambam Steveo76
  • BambamBambam Posts: 27Subscriber

    A few of the regs in this game often open bigger (30-35) without a straddle. On this table I’d been using 15 and 25 with the straddle. Honestly I felt like it was a bit small, (potentially making me a target to the 3bet?)

    However you kinda did answer what was probably my main question. Would a 4bet be better?

    Is it too nitty to fold to a 3bet here?

  • NathanGuentzelNathanGuentzel Posts: 155Member

    I don't think it is too nitty. In the long run with what his range can be it is probably better to move TT to a 4! Though. 200 blinds deep, sure, you can call and see a flop or 4!. 100 deep and you can't set mine on a 3 bet even in position unless it's a tournament open to 2.5 and 3 bet to like 8.

  • GarlandGarland Posts: 565Subscriber
    edited October 27
    I think you played it fine pre-flop with the flat of the 3-bet. 4-betting is overplaying your hand unless you demonstrate villain 3-betting light frequently. I'd make it $30-$35 with the straddle, but whatever. On the flop, it's 3-ways, so villain has to be somewhat cautious with the straddler who cold called. As played, I'd make the "nitty" fold. You lose to a lot of hands that may 3-bet, AK/KQ/AA/KK/QQ/JJ/99. Even if he is semi-bluffing with a hand like A Q/A J, those hands have a ton of equity. Heads up it's a closer decision, maybe fold, maybe call and fold to turn shove, but 3-ways, I think it's a relatively easy fold.
  • NathanGuentzelNathanGuentzel Posts: 155Member

    Sorry about this Bam Bam, I missed the straddler and 3 to flop! noticed when I read Garland's response.

    In that case, I agree with his stance as well. Fine with call pre closing action... would have sized up for opening raise. Make the nitty fold.

    Thanked by 1Bambam
  • BambamBambam Posts: 27Subscriber

    You make a good point about his mistakes. In fact I wondered if my biggest mistake here was not really knowing the type of villain I was up against. I based everything off a couple hands I saw where he was calling. I should've waited to be a hero until I really knew who I was playing.

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