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Weird Spot on Double-Paired board.

joshofalltradesjoshofalltrades Posts: 164Subscriber
edited October 27 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
1/2 $300 cap. 7-Handed, $300 effective. I've only been at the table for 1/2 hour or so, so I don't have great reads on the players. Main Villain is a middle-aged guy who is giving me the impression that he doesn't want to be pushed around. In one other pot that I played with him I c-bet flop then checked turn and he bet strongly.

3 Players limp, I raise to $15 (probably still too small) from BB with A ♠ Q ♠. UTG+1 and SB call.

($47 3-way) A K 9 SB checks, I bet $15, +1 Calls, SB folds

($77 HU) 9 I check, Villain bets $25, I call.

($127) K Hero???


  • BambamBambam Posts: 27Subscriber
    edited October 27
    I think I check to check-call here, assuming villain makes a reasonable bet if he bets. On the turn, he could've been taking a stab with a worse Ace, maybe even JT, a diamond draw, etc.

    I think there are a lot of low stakes players that will bet with almost anything when it's checked to them.

    *Edited for stupidity*
  • NathanGuentzelNathanGuentzel Posts: 155Member

    Hero is not chopping if villain has a worse ace. He would have Aces and Kings with a Queen kicker versus whatever the worse kicker is.

    Thanked by 1Bambam
  • BambamBambam Posts: 27Subscriber

    Yeah. I don’t know what I was thinking there. Sorry OP

  • joshofalltradesjoshofalltrades Posts: 164Subscriber
    It's all good. That's what makes it an interesting spot to me. On the turn we were chopping with another Ace, but once the second K rolls off, now we beat all other lone AX hands.
  • Steveo76Steveo76 Posts: 208Subscriber

    At first glance this looks like a check/evaluate on the river. After breaking it down a little more I prefer a river lead targeting Ax hands that we have outkicked now. I'd bet about $80, folding to a raise.

    His line is consistent with an Ax holding. The small bet on the turn looks like he's buying a cheap showdown. I think a Kx holding checks back turn and a 9x holding bets bigger. 99 and K9 raise your small flop bet.

    I agree that you could have sized up a little more pre-flop over 3 limpers. $20 feels about right, although it can be tricky to guage when you're only 30 mins in to the session. On the flop I prefer a larger bet too. I would go with about $30. Granted, the board favours your perceived range more so than that of the limp-callers, but it's wet enough to hopefully connect with at least one of them. They're probably folding out underpairs to any bet anyway, so you may as well go bigger IMO.

    On the turn I prefer another bet to charge draws and get value from worse made hands. You're only concerned about Villain holding a 9 at this point and these make up the smaller part of his range.

    Interesting hand!

    Thanked by 1NathanGuentzel
  • joshofalltradesjoshofalltrades Posts: 164Subscriber
    @Steveo76 Bart has been mentioning smaller sizing in multi-way spots, so I’ve been trying to play with it and see how it goes, but I agree that the nature of this board warrants a bigger bet on the flop.

    Normally, I would keep betting the turn, but I decided to check here based on my perception of the Villain. I had to go one-and-done in the first pot I played with him because the board was so bad for my hand/range and it felt like he may have been trying to leverage that and bet a weak hand when I checked the turn. Since I don’t lose any value to another AX, I took the opportunity to check a strong holding so he wouldn’t view future turn checks as a green light to bluff, and he may very well bet some hands that would fold if I bet.
  • N8Ball02N8Ball02 Posts: 68Member

    Josh I don't know what part of the country you are playing in, but in the Midwest, 75% of players at $1/$3 tables have no clue how to bet based on the size of the pot. I am assuming $1/$3 is the smallest game of NLHE avaliable.

    That makes this even more tricky. Where we would expect 99 and K9 to raise on the flop, in a lower stake game like this, he could certainly call until he is checked to and start betting. But with K and 9 both pairing, I feel like this is a weak Ace now. But again I have played with guys at lower levels that get a piece and call down no matter what. If that is the case whatever piece he got turned into a boat.

    I guess I would check and see the size of his bet. If it is $25 again, I raise as that is weak AF. If he goes anything short of $80 I would just call. If he over bets or gets anywhere near pot sized bet, I would fold and take the $55 loss and move on.

  • N8Ball02N8Ball02 Posts: 68Member

    So what did you do? And what happened?

  • joshofalltradesjoshofalltrades Posts: 164Subscriber

    I think about it for about 10 seconds and toss in a black ($100) chip. Villain immediately picks the chips up off his card and slams them back down. Says something like “nice catch” and folds.

    I like the lead out, but in hindsight, the sizing was terrible. I was trying to make it look like I might have bricked the FD, but in these games $100 is actually a pretty big bet and usually represents great strength. I think something in the neighborhood of $60 would be a much better sizing against this Villain.

  • FuzzypupFuzzypup Posts: 2,604Subscriber
    Didn't read others.....

    Raise more preflop.
    Bet more flop... so many FDs, Ax hands, and GSs are calling.
    As played bet out. VERY unlikely he has a King. Very likely he has an Ace. I dount he has a 9.
    So now weigh the chance at 1/2 he bluffs with a missed FD vs the chances he folds some shitty Ace when the king hits. XCing means you chop at best. I'd bet $75 because I give it a much higher chance he folds a chop vs he bluffs + he has a K or 9 in his hand.

    And your hand LOOKS LIKE a King the way you played it.
  • N8Ball02N8Ball02 Posts: 68Member

    Why would there be a chop? He has the Q as a Kicker still. AA KK Q plays.

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