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3B pot, 3 way all in on flop or Hero Fold

Game is 5/5 with about 90% button or UTG straddle. 8 or 9 handed, can't remember at this time. Straddle is any amount from 10-30. Hero is currently up about $7,500 running like pure God (also playing well). Wide 3b image, LAG PLO.

EP Villian is TAG PLO player, usually has a strong hand when raising preflop (a suited Ace and some connectors, Strong QQ, Strong KK+). Stack of 2,000, in for 1k. Plays for living

LP Villain: PLO Crusher, Currently down maybe $5,000. Just reloaded for $3,000. Has about $3,500 in play. Plays a loser range, will 3b wider, has very good in hand instincts and reads. Plays for living


Hero (Covers Villains) on the Button, button straddle to $20. AdAx4d6x

SB/BB Limp
EP Vill from Natural UTG spot pots to $100 (2k ish stack)
LP in HJ flats $100
Hero on button, AA46 nut diamonds, pots to $440.
EP tanks for 20-30 seconds than flats.
LP Vill flats $440 and says "this is the wide, don't punish me"

Flop $1,360: 233r no diamonds

EP checks
LP checks
Hero bets $525

Thoughts on this bet?

EP tanks for a minute+, maybe 2 minutes. Genuinely looks pained. I think he's going to fold. He then jams $1550.
LP rejams within a couple seconds, $2,940 is his stack

What does hero do?????!!!

On to hero, $2,415 to call. Pot size before I call is 6375, main pot being $4,985 and so far a side pot of $1,390, which doubles to $2,780 if hero calls, and Main pot grows to $6,010.

I'm not buying EP having a 3 at all. I think his best made hand here is KK. AA he re-pots preflop. at best, he has KK with a straight draw, KK45, KK46, KK56 etc. I do not put him on wrap, as I think a hand like 4567, he would limp preflop.

LP has an uncapped range here, could definitely have a hand like 4567, 456x, 3XXX etc.

WHAT DO I DOOO?!?!?!?!?


  • NathanGuentzelNathanGuentzel Posts: 155Member

    Fold. If both play for a living, the 2 minute tank is smoke...the second guy in has t least a 3 and could have AKQ3 or similar using up your Aces. Okay, so the second guy reads as well if not better than you and comes to the same conclusion about villain 1. Then he beats KK!

  • TerpHimselfTerpHimself Posts: 335Subscriber

    Your hand looks very, very much like what it is, AAxx. So if your hand is what it looks like, and BOTH V’s are still willing to move in on you...then it’s time to fold.

    Thanked by 1NathanGuentzel
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