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1-1 Bar Game super laggy image

NicholasKNicholasK Posts: 237Member
Game: 1-1 $20 max buy in bar game, 3 handed

V1: SB $50-Lag 50 year old 420 male. Will value bet very thin.
Hero: BB $265, Been making villains pay for their folding errors and opening 70% of hands, c-betting 75% on flop, and 3 betting a lot. Image will create calls from anything at this point and before the hand I planned to adjust by not bluffing for the next couple hands
V2: UTG/Button Tight, willing to bet or trap with value hands. Very fit/fold postflop

UTG V2 limps, V1 Checks, Hero checks 9diamond7club

Flop: $3
Checks around

Turn: $3
SB Checks, Hero Bets $3, call call
My resolve to not bluff crumbled and I bet the turn anyway, this was going to be a bet/fold. With my image, V1 might have been calling with as little as ace high. I put V2 on a lot of 2 pairs FD and a discounted number of FHs.

River: $12
V1 checks, Hero Bets $6, V2 flats, V1 x/r to $12, Hero calls, v2 flat/raises to $24, V1 folds, Hero?

On the river I was hugely ahead of V1's range so a fold to his bet would be a mistake. The flat/raise by V2 really confused me though. Why would anyone take that line?


  • NicholasKNicholasK Posts: 237Member
    It's $60/$12 for me to call. I think this is probably still a fold, I would just like to know what you guys have run into with a flat/raise line on the river.
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