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PLO Blockers

How important are blockers in PLO? If we have a strong hand and block the nuts should we be calling more? I would think that blocking the nut straight would be more important than blocking a flush, combo wise.

Thanked by 1NathanGuentzel


  • NathanGuentzelNathanGuentzel Posts: 128Member
    Hi MVH,
    I actually think the key card to block is the Nut flush, like when holding the Ace of the flush suit.
    When involved in a hand, for instance, you hold QQxx and the nuts is KQ or QJ or QT, just because you hold the QQ, generally, it is not uncommon for the nuts to be out. While there are times it can be important, such as blocking nut full houses...nut flushes, ect...if someone is willing to put in a lot of money, most of the time, blockers are not going to matter a whole lot.
  • MVHMVH Posts: 23Subscriber

    That's kind of what I thought. I played plo for the first time a couple of nights ago and these types of situations came up several times. Thanks for the reply

    Thanked by 1NathanGuentzel
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