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2/5 second nut flush on 4 flush board

TDFTDF Posts: 1,130Subscriber
New player posts in MP(400) and opens to 25. Hero(1000) calls with KspadeQclub BB(400) calls. 3 way to flop
(75) 9club5club2club BB checks, MP checks, Hero checks(?)
(75) Aclub BB checks, MP bets 30, Hero calls, BB folds
(135) Tdiamond BB bets 40. Hero?

What do you think this small river bet means? Is it more often some sort of blocking bet or is it just nuts trying to extract value? MP older guy seems to be experienced recreational player may be on a looser a bit "crazy" side.


  • TyrithTyrith Posts: 353Subscriber
    If I'm getting a loose vibe off a guy, I definitely think you're good here one out of five times. It's very possible that this is the Kc attempting to milk out a little more money, but it's also possible it's a screwy bluff or a thinly bet Jc/Tc trying to get a curiosity call from a random club. If it was a rock solid/nit older player, I would expect this to be almost always the Kc, but that doesn't sound like the villain at play here.
  • AesahAesah Posts: 1,048Pro
  • TDFTDF Posts: 1,130Subscriber
    Do you ever raise? I wasn't thinking about folding. I was asking should I raise or not :)
  • TyrithTyrith Posts: 353Subscriber
    I don't think anyone I would describe as an "older, experienced recreational player" is really ever going to call a raise here with worse, although since his bet was so small you could make it like 90 and maybe you get looked up by the Jc. However, a raise is going to fold out all his random clubs and all his spewy bluffs and getting called/3 bet by all his Kc hands, so no, I don't think you raise here.
  • floppedawheelfloppedawheel Posts: 1,063Subscriber
    even if he's loose and recreational, if he's "experienced" at all, he still might fold out the vast majority of his clubs if you put in a raise. unless he has exactly the Jclub and says, 'ah, whatever, can't fold this!' and calls. i think there's a little too much potential downside to putting in a raise simply because you won't get called enough without the exact right scenario.
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