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Crush Live PLO Video No 67: Texas Card House Hand Review

CLP_CraigCLP_Craig Posts: 790Administrator
Live poker returns! TerpHimself examines hands from a recent stream from our friends at Austin's Texas Card House.



  • OMGitsWormOMGitsWorm Posts: 276Subscriber, Professional
    Great Vid Terp...
    Interested with your thoughts a bit more as these are two spots i find myself in and below is how I would play these hands most of the time.

    Hand 2 Scott A9 :s: Q2
    Pre flop as an open, I prefer that with this hand then limping and calling an open. Pitching hand to any 3b.
    As played, Leading flop into a field with his hand do you feel a better option is to check/check call a bet instead of half pot? If your pot raised its gross and i would fold given stacks and your hand becomes face up as you have a hand that can beat a straight if you call.
    Turn im folding facing a pot size bet with whats remaining. Your just not getting the correct odds? If i did call I would like to be a bit deeper and i would be leading any paired board and flush against a player that will fold when the nuts change like that. But i do feel this thought process could also be a leak in my game?

    Hand 3
    This was interesting and Michael not just going all in on the turn is weird. Neither player will most likely be folding for the extra $300.
    Pre flop police here.
    Michael Opening K Q J9 :s: with a button straddle. I would just limp more often and call a single raise pre and open single suited to the King and occasionally to the Queen in a super passive game.
    Scott QQ45 ds. I would call this hand and is this a pre flop leak in this position playing two holdem hands.

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