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5/10 6-handed big homegame

milkofamnsiamilkofamnsia Posts: 13Subscriber, Professional
Played a 6-max deepstack homegame recently. Was 5-10 with unlimited re-straddles, about 3k average stacks. Only one professional in the game with 4 recreationals. Had a few weird spots to review-- would appreciate feedback on any hand.

Hand 1 (Turned straight facing check-raise, multi-way aggression) J T in HJ, about $3k effective. From BB, villian 1 raises to 60 over a $20 button straddle. I call and so do 2 more behind in CO and BTN. I don't have much play time with villain 1 but he strikes me as fairly tight pre-flop for a rec and mostly straightforward post (I have not seen him bluff big/go crazy in any game, but he's not a rock either...). Other two villains are wide pre-flop and like to splash around-- very normal for them to overcall here with weak holdings.

Pot is $245, 4-ways.

Flop comes K J 9

V1 checks, and I bet $150-- soooo many draws here, and once PFR checks I don't think he has many hands with a K in them. My bet is slightly merged (sorry, I hate this term too). I think I have the best hand quite a bit but also a solid re-draw to the straight. V3 on button and V1 in BB both call.

Pot is $695, 3-ways.

Turn comes offsuit Q. K J 9 Q

V1 checks, I bet 300. BTN calls (I think he has a flush draw as played a LOT), BB check-raises to $1000 with approximately 1800 behind.

Action? I don't see how we can fold, but are we calling across all rivers too?

Hand 2 (missed a C-bet or not?) K Q in UTG, about $3k effective. BTN straddle to 20, SB re-straddle to 40. BB limps $40. I raise to $175 and the BTN, SB, and BB all call.

Pot is $700, 4-ways.

Flop comes J 6 5

Do you c-bet here? I checked when action got to me, button bet 400 and all folded.

Hand 3 (is this double-barrel too crazy?) J T in CO, about $3k effective. BTN straddle to 20, SB, BB, and HJ all limp. I raise to $150 and two recs call.

Pot is $490, 3-ways.

Flop comes A A 3

I bet $125 and both villains call.

Pot is $865

Turn is 5 completing :r:. A A 3 5 :s:

If you double barrel, what's your sizing? I sized down on flop obviously, and now I want to get them to fold. I chose $450 and both quickly folded.

Hand 4 (too tricky on turn?) KK in UTG. BTN straddle to $20 and SB re-straddle to $40. BB limped, I made it $150 and CO, SB, and BB all call (all recs).

Pot is $470, 3-ways.

Flop comes 8 4 2 :r:

I bet $200 and button and BB call, SB folds. I size down here because of pretty dry texture and multi-way action. I think it will induce a lot of wide calls and I should be way ahead.

Pot is $1070, 3-ways.

Turn comes 5, bringing backdoor spades.

This card looks like a "scare" card for the PFR with overpairs, but it doesn't really complete much. Do you check or bet here?

I decided to check and BTN bets 600, BB calls, and I raise to $2000 and both fold.

Hand 5 (bluff sizing mistake?) 2 2 in UTG, with $20 on BTN, $40 in SB, $80 in BB, and $160 straddle from me UTG. About $4.5k effective. Folds all around to BB and he makes it 400. I call.

This particular villain has been in a lot of the hands above. I would describe him as super loose pre-flop, and super sticky on flop/turn. Aggression from him on later streets is almost never a bluff. He is afraid of me somewhat-- we played a hand once where I flopped a combo draw vs. his middle set and I check raised turn all-in and he tank/called with second set like it was a hero call.

Pot is $860 heads up.

Flop comes Q 4 3

He bets $400 and I call-- 3 to a straight, backdoor diamond...maybe light but given it's basically blind-vs.-blind here, I leaned toward call.

Pot is $1660.

Turn comes 4 pairing the middle card. Q 4 3 4

V1 checks and I bet 700 trying to rep a queen. I don't see him check strong hands here very often. He calls.

Pot is $3060.

River comes off-suit Q, double pairing board. Q 4 3 4 Q

I am counterfeit and feel compelled to bluff. I go with a small sizing for a cheap bluff, also assuming he would have folded a lot of his A-high hands on turn. Keeping in mind if I had a Q or 4 here, I wouldn't bet more than half-pot almost ever.

So I bet $1000 for 1/3 pot and he tank calls with K 6 (!!). How do I bet exploit his turn call in this situation?

Hand 6 (facing a strange all-in) A T in HJ, with $100 blind on the button [not live/not a straddle]. BB limps, I limp, then BB calls the blind $100 and I raise to $450, both players call.

Pot is $1355 3-ways.

Flop comes J T 3

This is a hand I put into check-call as a standard play (2nd pair, top kicker), ESPECIALLY heads up. So without thinking too much, I check expecting to call a bet. But the BTN (rec player, took a while to call pre-flop, LOVES playing blind hands occasionally but I have seen him tighten up a lot post-flop in recent years) shoves in approx. $3,500 all-in. BB folds and action to me, I cover.

Call/fold?? I really don't expect him to have AA, KK, or QQ given his hand was blind pre-flop and he flatted his button. JT makes sense although I block some of them...

Hand 7 (trying to get max value from a pro). 4 4 in UTG, button $20 straddle, $2.8k effective. I open to $75 (normal open with no limps), called only by a pro on the button.

Pot is $165 heads-up.

Flop comes Q43 :r:

I bet $85 into $165 (I'm probably better all pairs between Q and 4 as well as my AK with backdoor suits in the same way). He raises to $275 and I flat (my only real 4! here would be 44 and QQ, right?! Not enough bluffs to balance, so I flat).

Pot is $715.

Turn comes off-suit 9. Q439 :r:

I decide to lead for $400. I think this pro is pretty keen and would fold to a sizable check-raise/river shove with a lot of his hands as he would expecte QQ from me a lot. I almost never lead against this pro and thought it might throw him off-- either inducing or getting called by lots of worse hands. He just calls.

Pot is $1515

River is off-suit 5, bringing in a few gutshots but not changing much. I know I have the best hand here. I bet $1250 and he grumpily calls after about 10 seconds of saying he has a huge hand/can't fold (but it's like his instinct told him he wasn't good). He had 33. Do you think a good pro would pay off an overbet/all-in for 1.5x pot on river?


  • jtm1208jtm1208 Posts: 18Member
    This is going to be hard to keep all the commentary in order with so many hands listed, however I'll give it a go.

    Hand 1: I think your flop bet is lighting money on fire. Even if you have the best hand at the moment, so many hands are going to continue on this type of board, including KQ, KT which have you crushed. I think you are often going to be called both in front and in back of you, putting you in middle position on a board that will change heavily pretty often by the river. I am happily checking this flop. For the turn, obviously can't fold here after getting raised, flat call and evaluate the river. River is going to be a tough spot, mostly calling with some hero folding

    Hand 2: hand played fine, Would rather C-Bet with a club in hand.

    Hand 3: When called twice on the flop, I am shutting down a majority of the time on the turn. Pretty risky to continue the bluff on a board where one of them could easily have an Ace. I might save the turn barrels for when I pick up equity, but even then checking a decently high portion of time.

    Hand 4: On a $40 SB double straddle and a BB limp, you raised to $175 earlier and got multiple calls. I would keep this sizing or even increase it when raising PF, especially with KK and other super strong holdings. I see no reason to size down on PF raise size. Other than that, I think hand played well

    Hand 5: PF standard, I'd mostly fold the flop as I see a decent amount of double barrels we will just have to fold too. If I decide not to fold, I am raising the flop bet

    Hand 6: I think he's shoving a lot of random Jx hands, even J2. I actually think JT would just bet $800 or so. I think he is shoving Straight draws too, I'd just fold here as played. However, I like C-betting this board 3 ways as the PFR. lots of bad turns, I'm trying to take down now or force them to pay to chase.

    Hand 7: I think there is some merit to 3b here on the flop and could definitely add AA and AK as 3b non-set candidates, but I think flatting is standard. On the turn, I am going to check again and either flat again or potentially jam based on sizing. If I decide to lead out, which would be very rare, I would do a much smaller almost blockish bet sizing, $150 - $200. I think he would have incentive to raise against that size, compared to $400.

    On the river, now that we have the betting lead again, I am for sure jamming.
  • milkofamnsiamilkofamnsia Posts: 13Subscriber, Professional
    Hand 1-- I kind of disagree... while the hands you listed (KQ, KT) are certainly never folding, I don't those hands are s a huge portion of either player's range here, especially given PFR checked. I'll hear from KJ+ in the form of a raise in either spot. I did get called in both spots as played, but PFR ended up having ATo (a draw) and V2 must've had a flush draw as he over-called my turn call and then folded a blank river. If it's not a bet, then it's a check-call to one player's bet and a check-fold to a bet-call in front of me??? Seems super weak.

    Hand 2-- Agree, maybe with only my K combos even since it's 4-ways.

    Hand 3-- I agree it's not a great double-barrel spot but then again it worked. I'm not sure when to use a small flop bet and larger turn bet as a double-barrel as a general rule though.

    Hand 5-- Interesting idea, I didn't really consider ever raising but it would work against any non Qx hand I think more so than turn/river aggression.

    Hand 6-- So I did think for a while but eventually folded and he showed 66 for a bluff. I really though he had JJ, TT, or JT (even though I block) given his tank call pre-flop (seeming like he might want to raise then just flatted). Perhaps I have a really good combo to bluff-catch-- he cannot have AA or KK or probably QQ given pre-flop. JJ would be a weird way to play top set, and I block AJ/TT/JT. Kind of sad about this one (maybe I'm being results oriented though...)

    Hand 7-- I should've just check-raised turn or river. His hands are nutted (like 33) or draws POSSIBLY (like 65 with 3 to a flush).

    Thanks for feedback.
  • SuperflySuperfly Posts: 613Subscriber
    edited July 4

    Agree 100% with JTM on hand 1. With two players yet to act in a straddled and raised pot, you simply can’t assume you have the best hand with middle pair on the flop. Also, with no club you only have non-club Q, J or T to improve, none of which are the nuts. So if called on a dynamic board like this, you’ll be largely handcuffed with modest showdown value even on blank turns.

    when you hit gin on the turn, I’d suggest betting closer to pot given multi-way action on dynamic board. You’re giving the draws too good odds betting only half pot.

    If your profiling is right, straight-forward V1 is almost certainly betting for value/protection when he raises over a bet and a call on the turn. That said, his raise doesn’t make much sense to me. His preflop 3x raise from the BB over a straddle and 2 limps should rule out ATs and most TXs combos, if he’s tight pre as you say. TT is likely, and AKcc is possible. I think you are ahead or tied at this point, so recommend shoving to put pressure on flush draws and sets. But I guess it depends on your read - he’s not bluffing so it sucks if he shows up with AT. You’re counting on him having TT or overplaying some big combo draw.

    final note: I’d suggest limiting each post to one or two hands. Too confusing and tedious reading through such a long post and the responses that follow.

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