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Put to the test with AA

SugarmanSugarman Posts: 44Subscriber
60NL on Bros, $72 eff.
V (totally new player) x option in "UTG" (LJ), folds to H in BB with AsAc, H r to $3, V c.
($6.30) Flop: 8c5h4s. H x, V b $9.6(?) H c.
($25.5) Turn: Qd. H x, V b $60. H?
I x flop with AA bc it doesn't need a whole lot of protection and so I could have some calldowns on boards like this. Very odd line from V, not sure about turn.


  • FuzzypupFuzzypup Posts: 2,581Subscriber
    If the average player on Bros at this level is crappy then assume a value stance and bet the flop. You have an unknown so you need to assume he is the typical player. By checking you basically put yourself in a crappy situation with no information making a very difficult decision. You are checking that some KQo hand catches their 13% pair and pays you off twice?

    It is more likely they will float with KQ or AJ or call with a pair or call with a draw than you hoping he catches a card with 2 overcards.

    Just bet something at least. It will give more information then betting nothing vs an unknown.

    As played this looks like 2 pair protecting itself or you are being outdumbed by a hand that thinks it's best. Once again take what he average player has when playing like this specifically and hit call or fold.
  • SugarmanSugarman Posts: 44Subscriber

    It’s much less of a slowplay - I know that I can bet and get called by a lot of worse hands. It’s more of a check to protect our range with hands that don’t require much protection so that we can have some hands which can call across multiple streets after checking the flop. Put it this way, I would almost always bet with say 99-QQ here, and mostly bet with KK. I actually mixed AA as a x/b here. I could be misapplying this concept in this spot, but I figured I’d try it on a flop which strongly favours the PFC.

  • SuperflySuperfly Posts: 613Subscriber

    This is where player profiling comes in. Most players at low stakes under-bluff post-flop because most low-stakes players under-fold. That said, if V went, say, 2/3 pot on flop and pot on turn, I would probably feel compelled to call and evaluate river to see if he is overplaying an overpair or combo draw. But over-betting flop and shoving turn seems more like what an average/bad player does to protect a bottom set type hand - unless he’s an absolute one-in-a-million maniac. Since he is brand new, I’d assume a typical player type profile and fold here, but keep my eye on him for possible future bluffcatching exploits.

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