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Check Flop, bluff raise turn - bluff river

NotReallyMeNotReallyMe Posts: 7Subscriber
edited May 28 in NLHE Strategy Discussion

Hero BTN AJss
UTG $6, LJ Call - Hero $20 (to small?) I generally do 3x IP, and add for each caller so standard $24, not sure why $20 maybe just hit a button.

UTG Fold, LJ (cold Caller) Calls
Flop $47 9 7 s 3
Check - Check

TURN 5 s $47
LJ $24 - Hero RAISE to $60 - call

RIVER 4 $160
Check - Hero Jams for $120

He could have A:h: 6 or a set, but I think those either 3 bet turn or lead river. I also can have those hands (Not likely but he doesn't know that :) )
Villain folded

This hand was definitely not solver approved, call on turn fold to river bet.


  • GarlandGarland Posts: 524Subscriber
    I assume this is 9-max since in 6-max, LJ = UTG. You also don't mention how tight UTG range is, but you can simply consider a call on the button and play in position. Against an insanely tight UTG range, a fold may not be a bad idea.

    If you elect to raise, I'd definitely make it a little more like you suggested, $24. Also, I don't like the line of checking flop and raising turn. The river bet is also vexing because you shouldn't have too many 6 in your range. If I elected to check flop, I'd just take the equity and call turn and fold river as you suggested.

    I'd c-bet the flop small ~$15-$18. With the intent to size up on the spade turn ~$60. If he calls this and the river blanks, I don't think you can effectively bluff with the stack remaining the pot will be ~$200 and your all in will be ~$100 making him more likely to call down with more of his marginal made hands. If he has a busted flush draw with broadway cards you're likely to beat him via high card value (unless he specifically has A Q).
    Thanked by 1NotReallyMe
  • FuzzypupFuzzypup Posts: 2,581Subscriber
    I have to agree with Garland here.

    If I was the other guy your hand makes no sense.
    If you had any kind of draw you would bet the flop.
    So with the raise OTT pretty much your only hand is 55.
    OTR when you shove.... now you don't have 55 anymore on a 4 straight.

    If you wanted to bluff this line you would XX, BC, XBF.... OR simple small raise the river if he bets small.

    So the reason for the play is that the way this hand was played every he has a 9 or he has a FD possibly with a pair.

    You don't need to jam over this range. His draws outweigh his 2p, set, 6x combos. He only has 2-3 6xhh combos OTT he is bet calling.

    Basically you made a -EV play that by chance hit the worst part of his range. The small raise vs a small bet OTR is to remove his bluffs AK/AQhh and his pair + FD combos and maybe even some 2 pair combos.

    I've run into this same situation and have called with weak holdings in these spots because no hand made sense with rare exceptions and certainly more bluffs were in their range vs stronger hands. Now as a side note this was in 2/5 and not 1/2. Players do some weird ass stupid slowplays in 1/2 that simple make my head explode.
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