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Too ambitious of a bluff?

SugarmanSugarman Posts: 44Subscriber
edited May 27 in NLHE Strategy Discussion

0.3/0.6 NL on PB. $70 eff, 6-max

Folds to CO “loose cannon” who limps, H raise 7s7d to $3 OTB, folds back to CO who calls.

($6.9). Flop: Kc6s4h. V x, H b $2.25, V c.

($11.3). Turn: 9c. xx

($11.3). River: 8s. V b $8.10, H r to $27.

Thoughts? I know the range we’re representing is thin, but I thought we could reasonably rep maybe some 75s, T7s, 88, K8s, 98s type hands.

I don’t know how relevant that really is though against a V like this who’s hand-reading is likely subpar. I thought I could put a lot of pressure on KX which he might bet the river with. Too ambitious?


  • NotReallyMeNotReallyMe Posts: 7Subscriber
    Not an expert just someone trying to learn, so take this for what it is.

    What is your range preflop?? Those hands are much looser than I would expect.

    I think 75 is discounted, you aren't checking turn. (assuming you 3 bet it in the first place)
    88 sure, but that is only 3 combos
    98s same idea but only 2 combos

    You are never raising with just a king on the river (I don't think) .

    I am having a hard time finding a hand that I would fold that beats yours. I only see 5 combos I'm afraid of if I have even an 8.

    I'd fold as default. If I thought this guy was out in left field and bet based soley on you showing weakness I may call.

    Nice to see a hand posted :)

  • SugarmanSugarman Posts: 44Subscriber

    Thanks for the feedback! I didn’t actually 3b pre, I iso’d a CO limp OTB, so I may very well be quite wide in this spot. I do think I x back 75 OTT at some freq as I would prefer to barrel with my gutters which have better removal and are happy to fold if we get raised.

    I admit, it is few combos I’m repping, but I feel like I need to find some bluffs.

  • GarlandGarland Posts: 524Subscriber
    edited May 28
    Yeah, the bluff makes no sense and from villain's perspective, I'd probably call with just a K. You're repping precisely 88 and K8s (6 total combos). 98s doesn't make sense unless it's 9 8 as that is the only backdoor flush available, so that's 1 add'l combo. If you're opening T7s and 75s after a limp, I think you are playing too wide. K8s is also borderline (where K9s is probably a much better cut off due to its straight potential)

    As a side note, I'd also consider a small bet on the turn (maybe 1/3 pot at most) to get value from 6x, 4x, straight draws, draws.

    As played, I'd give it up on the river. I don't think you should force yourself to find bluffing situations. These situations will naturally come.
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