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How do we navigate this spot w just over SPR 1 ?

drew5harkdrew5hark Posts: 580Subscriber
Pokerr app game
1/2 (.25 ante)
Utg1 (567) - super splashy ..won’t fold to reraises..likes to juice up pots both in and out of position.
SB (405) - seems on the tighter solid side...will take passive lines
H BTN (380) - probably viewed as tight

Utg1 raise to 8.75, Hero BTN raises to 30.52 w K K ♠️ J T Sb calls the 3! Cold..utg1 calls of course..

Flop (94.31) K T 6 ♠️ checks to hero who bets 79.22...Sb calls..utg1 folds

Turn (252.75) 9. Sb checks...hero ? (301 left).

1)i assume this is a standard 3! Vs a wide early position raiser...is there any argument for just calling?
2)i have an 84% button and just hit it here w top set...should i be betting a different amount? How do the stacks determine the proper sizing here as I can set up SPR 1 w a bigger bet..?
3)Can we allow a free card and check here?..won’t a solid villain fold out everything if i bet pot that he can’t beat? Does having a jack in my hand and /or having the J affect our decision whether to bet or check here? Is there any sizing other than pot that is useful?..what is our plan if we check?...what rivers are we calling or do we just check back and fold to this type of villain if he bombs into us on a blank? Is it ever bad to just pot and hope he didn’t check a QJ hand?


  • TerpHimselfTerpHimself Posts: 329Subscriber

    Hey Drew thanks for posting, I’m adding screenshots of the discord conversation on this hand for the benefits of anyone who reads as I think a lot of good points got covered before I had a chance to weigh in.

    so as discussed, this is a spot where your SPR is going to dictate your play, despite some of the alternative lines you have suggested. We just don’t have enough behind to do anything other than bet pot and try to force out the equity of any unmade hands, or hopefully get called when we are still ahead.

    The question does become more interesting when we are deeper, say starting with an SPR of 5, and perhaps we can talk about the pros and cons of checking back or bet folding the turn.

    in this spot, our V really plays his hand in a weird/bad way, as he has bluff equity but chooses not to begin his story on the flop, then decides to slow play the nuts on the turn and give US the free equity when our hands often can have sets or two pairs that will check back that turn on him. He also knows we won’t be barreling a lot of heart draws bc he holds the Ah and players rarely semi bluff non nut draws for multiple streets.

    so as played I think your play of better turn was fine and it’s just an unfortunate result for our hero.

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