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Multi-way overpair

NotReallyMeNotReallyMe Posts: 7Subscriber
edited May 23 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
8 Handed 100 Effective .5/1 (Online Club)
Hero (UTG + 1) JdJs Raise to $3 LJ, HJ, BTN, BB all call

Flop 5 players $15
BB Checks, Hero $ 6.51 LJ, BB call -- Really liking this board, want to thin field.

Turn 3 players 33.98 ~approx 89 behind
BB checks Hero $10.19 LJ, BB call -- Should I check here? (I was indifferent)

River 3 players $63.34 ~approx 78 behind
BB Checks, Hero (I am trying to hard eliminate check calling rivers from my game, but here yeah I did), LJ $31.82, BB fold Hero Call.

Villain had As2s

Even typing this I would not call river here again, he is not betting a 9 here and the draws got there. I would check fold.


  • FuzzypupFuzzypup Posts: 2,581Subscriber
    edited May 24
    I'd bet more the turn, a lot more. Maybe pot or overbet. The 4 fills a very unlikely GS but the spade fills many hands like doubles draws, 76ss, A5ss, 9xss. If you get shipped on it's an ez fold.

    As played OTR you need to bet to target 9x hands, I'd lean on the smaller side.
    Thanked by 1NotReallyMe
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