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Player Notes / Exploits (Taking notes live, online no hud)

intro: Started playing on Kings Club but think this is relevant to live as well. I can remember if I have seen someone and have an idea how they play without actual notes.
3 tabling and only having a name no face makes it much harder. I am noticing I play with the same players more often in the online club than live.

questions: understanding this could be a whole series not a single forum topic
- When should I take notes? One instance, 2? What makes a pattern?
- What is important to look for? Anomalies: doesn't 3 bet AA, always bets river if last to act, never bluffs, always calls in BB or never calls (though that would be a pain to track due to required number of actions)

Keep in mind can't capture everything, no huds.

Any ideas on color coding? I can pick one color per player, think there are 8 colors.
Do you do something like a tick mark each time they make a weird action to get a pattern.
Would putting little post its on screen be way to OCD :)

Spent about 18 months on other site that had a lot of focus on GTO (I have GTO+, Pwer-Equilab, etc), looking to get that live skill set now which is why I came to CLP. That I I have gained a lot from Bart's daily hands and wanted to show some appreciation.


  • Bart HansonBart Hanson Posts: 6,127Administrator, LeadPro
    I would look at the player's who limp, also those that cold call in the small blind and pay attention to showdowns to see how far people are deviating preflop. If you see a guy limp calling w K2s from UTG you have found a gem. I put up my video today on Kings play and was somewhat shocked how many cold called 3 bets in between preflop as well. Bart
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  • RogerHardyRogerHardy Posts: 794Subscriber
    Take a look at an app called Poker Bankroll Tracker. It has a manual HUD like tracker and will store player stats. Since its manual, you may not be able to track the action given the speed of online poker, but its worth a look.
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