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QQ from utg... 2/4 pokerrr2 action

BeatsmeBeatsme Posts: 603Subscriber
500 eff
9 handed 2/4

I open Q Q utg 12
V1 utg +1 to act 3 bets to 38
V2 utg +2 calls
Folds around and I call

Flop (120) 6 8 :s: 9
I check
Utg1 bets 80
Utg2 calls
I call?

Turn (360) 6 8 :s: 9 6
I check
Utg2 shoves for 382

Any streets to play differently?


  • JohnRichardsJohnRichards Posts: 3Subscriber
    edited April 9
    I 4 bet pre.

    The way it’s played I fold the turn facing a shove which is at worst high equity on a hyper wet board and player behind that could have AA/KK.

    Plus Q diamonds eliminates most flush draws that would overcall a three bet leaning towards a made hand
  • nickhegsnickhegs Posts: 3Subscriber
    edited April 22
    I would probably call it off on the turn.

    I think we can remove straights from V's range since they probably aren't overcalling a 3b with 57 or T7. Since the turn pairs the 6, we're now beating 89. So we're only losing to 99 and 88 here, or possibly 66.

    99 and 88 are likely holdings, although sometimes V would be raising those on the flop.

    I don't think the player behind has AA/KK here very often, I think those hands are shoving the turn a lot of the time.

    I think the most likely holding for V here is TT or JJ. When checked to on the turn, he could definitely think TT or JJ is good. Our QQ is very under-repped.

    Getting 2-1 here we need to be good 33% of the time. We also have 2-4 outs depending on V's hand. I think there's enough semibluffs like the nut flush draw and enough value bets that we beat (TT/JJ) to call here.
  • FuzzypupFuzzypup Posts: 2,577Subscriber
    Without player reads....

    He has no straight as straights aren't calling the 3b.
    He has no boat+ because a bout wouldn't shove.
    UTG1 is the guy you have to worry about but he doesn't have any pair under TT.

    So you have to ask is he the type to 3b AA, KK, and AK? Then CB that board vs 2 with AK?

    You are getting 2:1 to call with a man in the middle. I'd say you are beating the man in the middle 50% of the time which includes when he XFs KK occasionally or has AK that CB, maybe A K

    It's close. This is a spot where I would take time and get reads on the other two. Question is are you beat 33% of the time or less.

  • fozbofozbo Posts: 144Subscriber

    No brainer call after UTG2 flats the 3b AP. Hes gonna show up with JJ, TT alot here. Much different if original 3ber was shoving turn, and id probably still stack off AP.

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