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2 quick hands from 2/5

VernonJonesVernonJones Posts: 179Subscriber
Effective stacks $700

1. Solid Villian from UTG makes it $15 from EP, call and hero calls with 8s6s. Flop is 5d6h7c and V bets out $25 into $45 and it goes fold and then hero makes it $100 and V just calls. Turn is 3s. V checks. Do you like a bet or check here and if bet how much? He raises $15 with most hands and I think he has overpair 99, 1010 or JJ.

2. Table is now a little more action and I over limp from MP with As4s. 3 players see flop that comes Js2s3d and loose player from UTG+1 bets out $15 into $15. Hero just calls and Villian on the button another loose player who doesn't raise much post flop makes it $45. UTG+1 folds- what's the move here? And if turn is a blank , what do you do on the turn?


  • 1) If he's a solid villain it should be hard for him to call, and if he's not opening hands like 78s, 77 etc if you're going to raise flop I'd fire turn and try to get a live read if he tank calls. IMO if you're raising flop and then giving up you're just letting him win with overpairs and you might as well just call flop and raise turn since you'll probably get more credit that way anyway if you're only raising one street and giving up.

    2) Depends how deep you are. If you're very deep I probably just call as the guy doesn't raise much so he should have a strong hand that he's not going to fold. You have monster equity but you're still a dog to a set, and once he raises he probably just gets it in.

    FYI I probably raise a donk on this flop. Flush draws are calling anyway and it adds deception in that he probably wouldn't put you on the draw. If he doesn't have much he's not going to pay you off really when the flush comes anyway.

    If turn is a blank and we're OOP I probably check/call again.
  • VernonJonesVernonJones Posts: 179Subscriber
    In hand 2 , if you raise donk and the button comes over the top what to you do? Say it goes $15, I make it $45 and button makes it $150 . Effective stacks $700 to start hand. Then what do you do on a blank on the turn?

    Let's say you raise and button just calls , donker folds. What do you do if the turn is a blank in that spot?

    The problem I felt I had was button was bad player who called too much and unlike scenario 1, I didn't think I could get him off even a hand at the bottom of his range like AJ.
  • AesahAesah Posts: 1,048Pro
    hand 1, the turn is one of the best turn cards for you so i would continue betting (you should be thinking about that on the flop when you decide to raise). also please specify what position you're in as this is really important to hands in general

    hand 2 I would raise small-ish (to $120) unless you think villain's flop squeeze range is so tight that it's weighted towards 22/33, then it's an easy flop call. bomb spades on the turn for near PSB, possibly c/r on a 5.
  • If you raise the donk in hand 2 and get 3b you certainly can't fold. I would lean towards callling - you didn't give stacks though.

    Lets say you're 700 deep. He probably doesn't shove turn so you likely get odds to call again. If you shove back you're just getting it in bad as guys won't 3b flop with anything you're really ahead of.

    I guess it comes down to live reads and stack depth. I don't see many villains at 2/5 consciously squeeze a donk and call, and j23 makes 2 pair hard to hit.
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