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Gotta love the online influx of droolers

FuzzypupFuzzypup Posts: 2,575Subscriber
$50 FR NL
3 limps, I raise K :s: K $3 - 3 callers one has $6.6 left.
FLOP Q 7 2 :r: - X, X, X, I bet $3.3... F, F, C
TURN 6 :r: - X, I bet $3.3... he calls shows J 6
RIVER J - *sigh*


  • FuzzypupFuzzypup Posts: 2,575Subscriber
    Interestingly I started at $0 on Ignition and have been working my way up in stakes. Ever since the virus $50 NL is playing worse than $25 NL just a month ago.

    Here is another gem of the droolers.

    Stacks $65

    3 limps, I limp OTB 6 :s: 5 :s: BB Xs
    $2.50 FLOP 2 3 :s: 7 - XXX, CO bets $1, I raise $3.50, FFF, CO calls.... the other players generally wouldn't X TP or an overpair.

    $9.50 TURN 4 - X, I overpot it $12, CO quickly calls.

    $33.50 RIVER T - CO overjams river ~$50... CO is a 64VPIP, 10PFR, 1AF

    I puke fold after some moans.

    CO shows A 2 .....WTF?

  • FuzzypupFuzzypup Posts: 2,575Subscriber
    More drooler action.

    2 limps, I limp T 8 CO, SB calls, BB Xs.

    $2.50 FLOP T :s: 8 4 - XXXX, I bet $2, FF, MP calls, MP2 calls
    $8.50 TURN T - XX, I bet $5, MP XRAI, MP2 folds..... Thank you I call hope you don't hit your 3 outer

    Pot Huge River some blank - goes to show down..... drooler has K 4 ..... WTF?!
  • FuzzypupFuzzypup Posts: 2,575Subscriber
    More crazy crap happening at $50 NL.

    UTG raises, MP calls, CO calls, I call OTB (hand doesn't matter here) BB calls

    9bbs FLOP - Q :s: 9 :s: 3 X, UTG bets 6bbs, MP calls, F, I fold, BB XRS 12bbs, UTG calls, CO calls
    45bbs TURN - 3 - BB open shoves. UTG thinks and thinks and folds, CO folds.

    BB shows A 4

  • FuzzypupFuzzypup Posts: 2,575Subscriber
    My variance has skyrocketed.
  • FuzzypupFuzzypup Posts: 2,575Subscriber
    So far up 40bbs in 1 hour online. Catastrophe hits and I have to make decisions.

    EFF stacks 95bbs
    Apparently bad LAG limps UTG (not enough hands), MP, CO, BUT calls. I hold K :s: K in the BB. I put in a pretty large raise to deny everyone set mining odds. Why? They call anyways. UTG suddenly clicks it back on me. The rest fold and I consider my options. Normally on any regular day vs 95% of this field this is AA/KK and I would consider calling or even folding. I know I look at my hand histories on Ignition. But these are the casino players. I click it back. UTG snap shoves. I decide to stick to my game and call. He has Q Q .... sadly a Q comes. POOF 90bbs gone.

    Player leaves the table. A new player comes in. After a while I realize it's the same guy. He has 100bbs now. He has the exact same stats and seems to be playing the same style.

    UTG raises, CO & BUT calls, SB short stack shoves for 20bbs. I click it to 36bbs A A :s: , UTG calls, rest fold.

    FLOP J :s: T 3 - I bet very small to induce, UTG shoves, I call. He has JJ.

    Any other day ~50% of players will fold JJ preflop. Love the call. But the roller coaster continues.

    But then there are these lovely hands.

    MP 85bbs, SB 70bbs
    MP raises, CO, BUT, SB call, I raise 10.5bbs with Q Q :s: ,MP & SB call. Neither have any business calling due to the size.

    ~30bbs FLOP Q 6 J :s: - X, I bet 10bbs, MP calls, SB shoves, I call, MP shoves, I call.

    MP A T
    SB 6 6

    I scoop.... It's like I am playing in Miami casinos.

  • FuzzypupFuzzypup Posts: 2,575Subscriber
    More new crazy stuff.

    Eff stacks 24bbs
    Folds to me and I raise 3.5x A 5 BB min3bs, I call.

    10bb FLOP A :s: 3 7 :s: - Bets 3bbs, I call
    16bb TURN 2 - Bets 1bb, I call
    18bb RIVER 5 - Shoves all in 16bbs, I call Shows 99.

    Well alrighty then.
  • FuzzypupFuzzypup Posts: 2,575Subscriber
    Our funnest hand of the day

    UTG, MP, CO limp, I call SB 99, BB X

    FLOP A92r - I lead 2/5psb, call, call, Minraise MPll, call, minraise, CCC, I call. All these players are droolers
    TURN 6r- I lead 1/2p, call, call, Minraise, I call, fold, fold...

    I feel 100% safe. There is a 2/3PSB left,,, he might have 2p, lower set, TPGK... board is safe.

    RIVER - T ... I ship it. He snap calls.... chips got to him... WTF? He shows AA. MP limped behind a limper with AA.
  • FuzzypupFuzzypup Posts: 2,575Subscriber
    Another WTF hand.

    2 limps, unknown 80bb stack raises MP, I call 8s8c, BB calls
    FLOP T52sdd - I X, XX, PFRSer bets 1/3p, I call, Fold fold
    TURN Qc - I X, he Xs.
    RIVER 2h - I X, he quickly over pots it.

    I'm like WTF? Ok he doesn't have a 2, he'd be scared of the flush
    He doesn't have a flush he'd be scared of the boat.
    He doesn't have a T or a Q
    The 2 didn't help his hand?

    Maybe bluffing with 99, A3s, A4s, no hearts, maybe smaller pair like 66. Ok so I can't find any value combos that make sense. It's gotta be a bluff. But considering the last time I called one of these asshats they had AA?!?!? Well I'm sticking to my read. I call.

    He has 74o I win. Guess I forgot that bluff. The old iso-raise with 74o from middle position.

    I'm telling you online poker at Ignition has turned into the Twilight Zone.

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