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Pre flop question

MVHMVH Posts: 11Subscriber
Suppose we are playing 1-2 at $200 effective. We hold AKo in the cutoff. Ep raises to $10. There are 3 callers and the actions on us. Pretty clear 3 bet. I assume a good sizing is probably something like $65-70. So, if we get 4 bet, we pretty much have to call off. Is there a better way to go about this hand? Just calling seems out of the question. 3 betting smaller will just ensure you get multiple callers. Is this just a shitty 1-2 spot and we have to accept it will be higher variance?


  • FuzzypupFuzzypup Posts: 2,577Subscriber
    #1 start off to ask why are you raising and what you want to accomplish?

    Are you trying to get everyone to fold? Just 1-2 callers? Or do you have a bunch of droolers who will happily stack off TPWK?

    Then I would consider the EP raiser. Nit? Loose? Tight? Nitty players I would lean on calling with 3 callers between and our position. Very likely a caller has 1-2 of your outs already. The nit almost always has a stronger hand from EP. Other players depends if I 3b. I consider their ranges.

    Then I would consider my sizing to keep the SPRs reasonable.

    And at 1/2... no if you 3b that much and get 4b do you "auto stack off". Players rarely 3b less than AA/KK in 1/2 much less 4b worse than AA with a full stack. if they are short like $80 stacks then sure they might do it with a pair of 99s or AK themselves.

    Everything depends on your style and really you should be playing the best way to exploit the players.

    Usually in the games I play I tend to call here with position. I see their post flop patterns, I see their tells, I can see the actions of others, I can make moves on the pot just based on the strength of their hand. I can make better decisions post flop then by 3 betting in this specific spot and getting in a bad SPR situation. UTG raises are pretty tight in my games usually.

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