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1/2 AKo River decision

I'm UTG+1 with AKo. 400 effective, UTG (rec player, like me) opens to 12, I 3! to 36, UTG calls. (pot 75)

Flop A54r, UTG checks, I bet 40, UTG raises to 90. I call. Not really sure what he has here, seems like either air or a set. Maybe the occasional 67s. Don't think he would do this with a weaker ace. (pot 255)

Turn 3x, UTG checks, I check behind. At this point we have one pot-sized bet left and I think if I bet he would fold his air and call with sets, so I check behind to induce a bluff. If he does have a weaker ace, hopefully this check will be deceptive enough to get him to call a river jam.

River Qx, UTG jams for 250. I think for a bit and call. We're now losing to AQ, QQ, sets, chopping with AK, beating bluffs and weaker aces. Thought more about this after the session, I think this is a spot to make an exploitable fold - not sure if a recreational player is shoving the river here as a stone cold bluff.

What do you think?

(UTG had QQ)
Thanked by 1Baggio95


  • Bart HansonBart Hanson Posts: 6,108Administrator, LeadPro
    I think on the river you can actually fold, I just so rarely see this hand bluffed in a 3 bet pot at this level. However, I am definitely betting the turn. Are you at all interested in calling this hand in for the call-in show? SHoot me an email [email protected]
    Thanked by 1Baggio95
  • MVHMVH Posts: 11Subscriber
    It seems like with as much strength as youve shown in this hand (3!, bet flop, and call his raise), on an ace high disconnected board, a set would continue to bet into you on turn. Im betting turn for sure.
  • FuzzypupFuzzypup Posts: 2,575Subscriber
    I'd bet the turn when he checks.

    River I cant say because you posted the answer before I could think so anything I would say would be bias.
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