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Crush Live Poker Video No. 435: Defending vs Small Cbets

CLP_CraigCLP_Craig Posts: 785Administrator
Rob takes a look at how to counter small cbets by expanding your range, both in and out of position.

Episode Posts at 11 AM PST



  • SevenBelowSevenBelow Posts: 4Subscriber
    On hand one when the discussion of check raising JT on J X X may be better than Check Raising Q J something I'd like to add is our queen kicker is a card they will barrel on where as the Ten they may not always barrel so it does add slightly to the value of having QJ in our calling range. Similar idea to us being in position and floating a jack high board with KQ (with backdoor flush draw) but maybe using T9 with back door flush draw in our bluff range range.
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