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Constructing Pre Flop Ranges With Loose-Sticky-Stations or just Loose-Stations Left To Act

Part two of my series.

This is something that I'm not sure if I've been doing right. I feel like I'm going a little too extreme on the tight side, but all options are open, and this is exactly why I'm asking - to get a better idea.

At a table with lots of loose-sticky-stations at the table, I really NIT it up UTG. To be clear, I'm not talking about the kinds of tables like the one where I opened KK 14x and got five callers, I'm talking more of a standard super loose passive table, where a 7x UTG open gets 1-3 callers.

So at these tables UTG I'm going from my base range of all suited broadways besides KTs, QTs, and JTs, 66+, and AQo+ (8%) to all suited broadways besides the aforementioned ones and QJs, 88+, and AKo (5.9%.)

I'm more in question of what to do when we're in MP/LP with one or more of these players left to act. I'm honestly not opening suited wheel A's with one or more of these players to act that have position on me, unless they are a loose passive station that isn't sticky post flop. I'm also never opening suited connectors with these players left to act, unless they will be acting OOP, and even then I don't like doing it unless they aren't sticky post.

Example One: 2/5, 9 handed, $750 effective. You are in HJ with a loose passive station OTB and a loose passive station in BB. Consider CO and SB tight passives and not very relevant. What is your raising range here? What is your range here when both the BTN and BB are super sticky post?

Example Two: 2/5, 9 handed, $750 effective. You are in HJ, with loose passive stations in CO, BTN, SB, and BB. What is your opening range here? What would it be if all of the villains were also sticky post?

I'm assuming the answers will be to open more pocket pairs when players are super sticky post because of the IO's?

I'm still super curious about your opening ranges here, and how drastically do they change when we also add in the variable of these opponents being super sticky post.

Thank you in advance; I look forward to the discussion.


  • FuzzypupFuzzypup Posts: 2,577Subscriber
    If you are in a game of droolers with 100bb+ stacks then play small ball. Raise high equity hands. Bet small. As long as you control the betting you prevent them from betting like idiots. Play tighter with unsuited paint upfront. Limp 22-99 to set mine. That is one strategy I employ in a drooler game.

    But I do not like drooler games. Usually you get 20 hands per hour which increases variance vs the normal 32 hands per hour in a mixed game. The slower speed doesn't compensate for the drooler. In a drooler game it is much harder to bluff and you must hit. I prefer a mixed game where I can use my entire arsenal of democracy on the opponents (bluff/value) with a 50% higher hands per hour. I think it is more profitable.
  • PokerShamanPokerShaman Posts: 107Subscriber
    wait, @Wolverines2020, are you sixsevenoff?
  • Wolverines2020Wolverines2020 Posts: 6Subscriber
    @PokerShaman Sorry, just saw this; yeah, it is
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