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$2/$5 AKs Versus a Member of our Tribe

ds2uaredds2uared Posts: 464Subscriber
edited March 11 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
Villain is competent mid-30's male. Possibly a subscriber. I have talked poker with him before and he's studied like we are and speaks the language. He can 3! correctly but has never been out of line with me. He has induced my aggressiveness a couple times in the past but nothing significant.

$1,100 eff. Button straddle $10.
Hero utg A K raises to $40. 2 callers. Villain in HJ takes 15 seconds or so and raises to $210. Button folds. Hero?

Bonus question: does Hero do anything different if we're $1,500 eff.? Or $3k eff.?


  • SuperflySuperfly Posts: 591Subscriber
    edited March 11
    Seems like a clear 4bet to me. V is poker savvy enough to have a wider 3bet range that includes non-nutty hands. He is in LP which should also open up his 3bet range. And he 3bet a larger than normal 5x in position, which could possibly indicate a hand less than KK+ that would like to just take the pot down preflop. All those factors encourage a 4bet.

    With $1100 or $1500 I would just shove. With any raise you’re putting one-third of your stack in and you’re not supposed to fold at that point. On top of that, we wouldn’t mind having some fold equity and possibly getting QQ/JJ to fold.

    At $3k, I’m not sure what the right bet size is. My gut says raise to like $700 to 1) to keep ranges wide and avoid getting called by only KK+, while 2) allowing us to possibly fold to a shove based on reads. But not sure if we’re ever supposed to fold AKs in this spot. I’ll be interested to hear what others say.
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  • SuperflySuperfly Posts: 591Subscriber
    edited March 11
    BTW, you should edit your post to say that V in HJ raised to $210, not Hero in HJ.

    And you didn’t ask this time, but my guess is the same as last time - you shoved!
  • cruxcrux Posts: 119Subscriber
    Agree with @Superfly pretty much all the way.
    I do think there is a bit of a difference at $1500 vs $1100. With $1100, I agree you probably just shove. Maybe you can min-click to $400 and fold to a 5! jam, or any flop that gives you no additional equity? You're probably not supposed to ever fold at that stack size, though.

    At $1500 I think you could definitely min-click or bump to like $600.

    If $3k, I think you could go as high as $750-800.

    I'm of the opinion that at $1500+ you should still be able to fold AK to a jam as there just aren't many people pulling 5! bluffs or even 5! AK for the chop.
    Thanked by 1CycleV
  • SuperflySuperfly Posts: 591Subscriber
    @crux, I”m not really sure of the purpose behind min betting at the lower stacks. Esp at the $1100 stack size even a min bet commits us. In his Fast Track series Ki Lee says we should never fold pre after putting a third of our stack in. I’ve heard David Chan say the same thing. That’s because we are getting 2:1 and only need 33% equity to make the call. Even if the V is as tight as QQ+ and AK, we’ve got 42% equity, more than enough to call.

    I also question raising with the intention to fold if we miss the flop. If that’s our plan, isn’t it better to just call rather than min click and risk getting jammed on?
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