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AK OOP in 4-Bet Pot

JredAJredA Posts: 100Subscriber
edited March 8 in NLHE Strategy Discussion

Hero is UTG1 w/ $1100 behind w/ AKo.

Villain starts this hand w/ $400 behind.

Villain has only been at the table for a few orbits but has shown to be very recreational. He has 3 bet twice by min-raising in position and each time has shown down very marginal off-suit broadway combos (KJ, KQ). One time he flopped a pair and caught 2 pair on the river to win and the other time he flopped an open ender and hit his straight on the river after calling a c-bet and the turn went ch/ch. He has since donated most of that back to the table.

Hero opens to $20. Villain 3! to $40 from the CO. Hero 4! to $135. Villain snap calls.

Flop ($270) = Ac Kd 4h

Villain only has $265 behind. My thinking was shoving might get him off hands like Kx, gutters like QJ, QT, JT and might even scare off some Ax hands if he is 3 betting all of those.

Trying to exploit his wide 3 betting range, I bet small, $60 with the plan of jamming most turns. Hoping to keep in a large portion of his range.

Is this getting too cute or should I have just bet around $100 or so and ignored the stack sizes due to his recreational tendencies?

Jamming I guess is also an option.


  • opph20opph20 Posts: 3Subscriber
    If your plan is to jam the turn, I like a 100 bet a little more because a 175 turn jam is a little bit of an easier call for the villian.
    Thanked by 2Garland CycleV
  • SuperflySuperfly Posts: 591Subscriber
    It should be no problem getting it in on two streets IF the V has anything. Problem is you have this board on lock down. I don’t mind a micro cbet here, or even just checking the flop.
    Thanked by 2Chase crux
  • LatvianMissileLatvianMissile Posts: 294Subscriber
    Agree with Superfly. If you think the rec will just fold, I'd downbet or check with these stack sizes. If V hits at all, this is getting all in. I really don't think there is a bad play here
    Thanked by 1crux
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