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1/2 Spot with a Turned Flush

AndagarAndagar Posts: 1Subscriber
edited March 8 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
1/2 300 Cap

Villain 1 (HJ) Tighter Old Guy

Villain 2 (SB) MAWG drinking wine and chatting seems like he’s there for fun/socializing.

Hero has relatively good TAG image and is up to about 400 BBs for this hand.

300 Effective Stacks.

Hero in CO with K♣️J♣️ raises to 16 over 3 limps. Gets called from the blinds and all 3 limps. Standard open was 8-10 at this table. Usually 16 would isolate but once the blinds call it turns into a limp fest.

Flop 9x7♣️3♣️. Pot ~90 after drop.
HJ leads out for 40. Hero calls. SB calls.

HJ seems like he wants protection for his hand here combined with the fact that he leads into 5 people I’m thinking an overpair that limped pre like JJ/TT or more likely a set. With position and the raise size and the fact that the table was passive and generally not likely to reraise I go ahead and make the call.

Turn 8♣️. Pot 210.
Mp bets 40. Hero calls. SB calls.

I debated raising here but my thought is that SB is likely on a middle-two pair type hand given his overall preflop range being loose and including hands like 9x and 97. I feel that if I raise all in here I likely get him to fold but also get the HJ to fold a set that I can likely get value from on any clean river if he overvalues his set and bets or I size appropriately and he makes a crying call.

River Ax. Pot 330.
Sb checks HJ checks.
Hero bets 100 SB goes all-in for 175 total. Hj folds. Hero calls.

My thought here is that with the two checks neither player has me beat. So what sizing can I bet to get value from worse. If I put them all in for 175 I may get them to fold their sets and two pair type hands. I figure 100 into a 330 pot is something that can get some calls.

When I get check raised by the SB I figure he has a flush. But is he checking a weak flush to induce me to over value a weaker hand or bluff? We’re calling 75 to win 680 so we need 11% equity. Is this a spot I should consider bet/folding as it’s likely an ace high flush? Or is there enough overvalued Qx and other smaller flush draws that he might do this with?

As a side question, if we had a lower flush here like 5 ♣️6♣️. Do you bet this river when it goes check check? Or bet with similar sizing. If the action is the same, bet 100, get reraised 75 more. Are you folding the 56?
He ends up showing us A♣️5♣️.
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