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Should We Call Down with a Weak Pair?

LatvianMissileLatvianMissile Posts: 297Subscriber
3K-6K-500 ante. 5 left already itm. Payouts: 5880, 3860, 3020, 2060, 1170. V is a tight Asian that has recently gotten aggressive. 175K eff... H cover V and H is 2nd in chips with 270K (chip leader has 290K).

H in BB with 6 6. V open on Bu to 15K, only H calls.
Flop (32K): 9 :s: 7 :s: 5. V bets 30K, H calls.
Turn (92K): 4. V bets 50, H calls.
River (192K). Q V jams 80K more. Hero?

Also what do you think about the flop and turn play?


  • DaddyslapDaddyslap Posts: 110Subscriber
    Generally speaking, we should be avoiding multi-street play deep in a tourney like this, especially when stacks aren't terribly deep. You set yourself up to get jammed on, and im not certain we should call this off in this spot. If we are looking to do anything post-flop, we should be looking to raise the flop with a pair and gutter to force our opponent into a decision. If we are jammed on, we can make a decision to flat or fold without allowing our opponent to either get there or bluff us out on a brick run out.

    Ultimately, we should be looking to avoid decision spots like this and instead force the short stacks to make a decision.
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