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All in by turn - Line check

JlordsJlords Posts: 7Subscriber
3/5 (1k cap) 8-handed. Villain has about 2.5k and covers hero with 1.7k effective. V2 (1k) in UTG+1 likes to gamble and will basically call a 3! with her entire opening range which is very wide.

V2 in Utg+1 opens to 25.
Folds to hero on the button. (Might have been 1 more caller in between, can’t remember)
Hero calls with 9h9c.
Villain in SB 3! to 145.
UTG+1 calls.
Hero calls.

Flop (430) comes out Qd9s2d.
V c-bets 200.
UTG+1 folds.
Hero raises to 700.
V tanks for a bit and calls.

Turn (1,830) is 4h.
V checks.
Hero jams for 880.
V tank calls.
I show my set and V says I’m good.

River (3,590) comes out Ad.
Villain turns over pocket aces.

This was the biggest pot I’ve ever played, and I was pretty content just knowing I got it in good. Only been playing for a few months but have been studying quite a bit. Looking for feedback on my line and thought process. Curious about other lines I could have taken and what’s optimal (I’m not really sure). Thought process below.

Pre- Flop:
Thinking I have just about the right odds to set mine and it’s slightly slightly possible 9s are the best hand. Have seen villain 3! squeeze before (not too often) but he knows he is definitely getting called down by the opener, so his range seems pretty strong (or at least not too bluff heavy). UTG+1 has a really wide range here and will probably continue calling down post flop with any sort of draw.

Seems like gin. Only hand I’m losing to is pocket queens, which is certainly possible, but figured that would just be a huge cooler. Also figured queens would probably 3! jam in case I was on a FD or lower set. Probably not folding to a jam though, so I guess that doesn’t really matter. When Villain tank calls I figure his range looks like QQ, AKdd AJdd ATdd (maybe a couple other nfd and maybe KJdd), overpairs, and maybe AdQx. Planning to jam on any brick turn.

I’m not sure about my raise sizing, I didn’t think it through long enough and basically just wanted to make a large raise and be ready to shove the turn. Wanted to make it look polarizing to look like a potential draw. Figured I wanted to charge draws a lot or get money in from hands I had crushed like AA, KK, AdQx.

Bricks out, so I sigh in relief (in my head) and jam as planned. Little worried about the snap call from QQ, so when Villain goes into the tank I am jumping up and down (in my head). Honestly, I would have been more than happy to just take it down here against any FD. He’s tanking for a long time and starts thinking out loud. Asks me if I have pocket QQ or AQ. I just stare at the cards in silence like I do any big hand. I was guessing he’s on a FD draw at this point and when he eventually calls I am praying no diamond on the river. River runs out and when I see the diamond I’m thinking FUCK, but then realize it’s the ace and that he couldn’t have had nfd. V reaches for his cards and flips his aces to show the two outer and I just laugh out loud while dying inside. Just got up and left as it was 6am and 12 hrs into the session.

Not sure if checking the turn and waiting for another brick before shoving makes sense. Looking at the result, I probably would have saved my 880 as the worst card in deck came out on the river, but I still feel like getting it in on the turn is optimal with so few outs for Villain’s range and most of his range folding out to a jam on a bricked river.

I think folding pre was definitely an option, but thought the set mining odds were just barely good enough and I had position. I was also 12 hrs into the session and planning to leave soon, so was more open to roll the dice on a set mine. I do think the position makes this a pretty solid call, but curious what others think.


  • GarlandGarland Posts: 518Subscriber
    edited March 1
    In general the hand was played out well by both parties. Pre with the extra UTG+1 caller you are getting a decent price to set mine as long as you have the discipline to fold to flops like 8xx even to downbets. You could entertain 3! pre with 99 given your read of UTG+1 being wide and calling all 3!.

    On the flop, I don't think there is a need to raise quite that large because you have less than a half pot bet on the turn and really no manuverability if you did have something like A 9 or J T (probably a fold pre to the 3!, but say you really want to gamble). You also don't want to induce a hero fold. I would say a raise to $500-$550 is sufficient to set up a turn shove.

    River: that's poker.
    Thanked by 1Jlords
  • SuperflySuperfly Posts: 591Subscriber
    Second what G said.
  • ds2uaredds2uared Posts: 464Subscriber
    Nailed it. Eff the river.
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