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3-bet pot, flopped middle set and raised on the turn. What is your course of action?

GarlandGarland Posts: 519Subscriber
edited February 26 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
Location: Lucky Chances in Colma, CA
Stakes: $3/$5, $1000 max

Villains are relative unknowns as I was table changed and it's my 2nd hand.

Pre-flop ($8 - 9 players) - Villain in HJ $15 ($1000), I opt to flat with 7 :s: 7 from CO ($800), button 3! to $50 ($1000), both HJ and I call.

Flop ($152 after drop - 3 players): K 7 6. Checks around.

Turn ($152 after drop - 3 players): T. HJ checks, I bet $65, CO raises to $200, HJ folds...What is your plan to navigate this spot?
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  • hustlinhustlin Posts: 366Subscriber
    wow this is a nasty turn cause it hits his 1010 3bet range, also could be slow playing KK, also unlikley but 98 as well.
    There is some combos of flush + Straights he raising here.
    Maybe only like K10

    Man this seems so nitty but Im thinking of folding this turn, ur OOP and I mean even if you fill up will you be good?
    I must be crazy but from my experience playing live this doesnt look like a good spot. Cause you do have some 98's as well so when villain is raising you here looks pretty damn strong.
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  • lotto33lotto33 Posts: 75Subscriber
    I agree with @hustlin this seems terrible but I think it's a fold too. Without any reads we don't know if he has 1010,KK or 98 or a flush draw
  • neutron212neutron212 Posts: 23Subscriber
    I think it's a bet on the flop. That board is damp there are a few cards that can come that can lead to this so some protection is necessary. Also I'd like to think if the button came in for a 3! only to 50$ I think that is too small he'd want to push one of you off of an Ax or medium pp if he had pK. or p10. I like a call then evaluate.
  • 3BBRC3BBRC Posts: 33Subscriber
    Guys can we please stop talking about folding sets? It’s a good hand. We’re gonna call turn and check call some rivers and lose sometimes but who cares. If we’re worried we can bet fold KJ on the turn. Let’s stop making hero folds. People do weird things. Youll run into AK and AA here more often then you think
  • 3BBRC3BBRC Posts: 33Subscriber
    I’m calling turn and calling every single river regardless of size. If he bets really small or big enough that he’s getting a sick price on a shove I will shove some rivers. If we get shown KK I’ll reach into my pocket and get another 200bbs and never think about it again
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  • SuperflySuperfly Posts: 592Subscriber
    edited February 27
    I agree with @3BBRC on this one. It’s too weak to fold our set on the turn. And once we call Vs turn bet, I don’t see us folding for a PSB on the river. So main question is how to get it in without folding out AA, AK, etc. I worry we might lose them if we ship turn. And there are flushing rivers that could kill our action if we just call. So.... this is kind of non-standard, but I might min click turn and lead shove river for less than half pot if V fails to ship over the top himself on the turn. Even that probably looks pretty value heavy. Not sure it will work, but trying to get him to take baby steps towards getting stacks in is the best I can think of.
  • ds2uaredds2uared Posts: 464Subscriber
    For Jebus' sake, don't fold. Other comments to come later.
  • ds2uaredds2uared Posts: 464Subscriber
    First, @Garland you got a typo in your post. On the turn I think the button raises you to $200.
    On to the hand:

    This is a small 3! preflop so this guy's not a pro.

    Good check on the flop. Button is going to bet his AK and AA often and will be scared by any bet you make with the rest of his 3! holdings, especially with a player to act behind him as well. A bet now might lose you a larger bet on a later street versus TT, JJ, QQ

    On the turn, I don't see any reason to not size up. The board is getting super draw heavy and you're still up against 2 players. Perhaps $90-105. As played, his range consists of KK, TT, KTs (less likely), AK, AK - AJ, QJs, 89s (I think super unlikely), and I always allow 7-8% for the spazz factor. I agree with @superfly the only consideration is how to not look super strong and get him to hero fold.

    I think I call turn and check-call a lot of rivers. If it's a complete blank or pairs the K or T, I might even consider check-raise jamming to get value from AA, AK or hero calls from QQ, JJ. This guy never has 89, so I'm not too worried about it.
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  • GarlandGarland Posts: 519Subscriber
    edited March 2
    My first instinct was to fold as this reeks of KK and to a much lesser degree TT (I'm not really as concerned about 89s as it's a 3-bet pot). And given a specific read and many hours of play with a villain, I actually think it's a viable exploitative fold as a couple of posters suggested. However, since villain is unknown, I snapped back to reality and called with the intent to call any river bet (I was only check-raising river if I got the case 7, not any other board pair). River came a 2,I checked and he bet $225, I snapped called and was shown KK, but retained $325 of my stack. In regards to the turn sizing, I was targeting QQ and JJ to call one time, which I think $65 accomplishes, but $90-$105 may get folds.
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