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Tournament Joy

JustfourfunJustfourfun Posts: 200Subscriber
edited February 23 in Tournament Discussion
Day 2 of Venetian DSE $1600 buy-in $1M guarantee.

30K starting stack. 90K avg stack to start level 13

Registration coming to an end. 212/582 return for day 2. Approx. 70 degen buy ins during Day 2.

Level 13 blinds 1k/2k. Levels 60 mins

V1 50 K stack. Conservative older player opening up his game with recent successful shoves pre with less than 20 BB.

V2 is Mark Radoja a $3.5M (Henson Mob) lifetime tournament winner. Started the day with top 15% stack and has been quiet yet effective during levels 10 & 11. V2 started day 2 with 118,000 and has quietly increased his stack to 160K during levels 10 and 11.

Hero has 157k.

V1 opens utg to 5K and V2 flats in MP. Hero three bets to 20K with AcQd in HJ. V1 fold and V2 tanks for a couple of minutes and calls.

Flop [pot: 50K] is Ad 2h 2s. V2 x. Hero bets 25K and V2 check raises to 75K. Hero?


  • Bart HansonBart Hanson Posts: 6,111Administrator, LeadPro
    This hand was covered in the crush live call-ins podcast at 53:30

  • kasspavkasspav Posts: 15Subscriber
    Hi Jim,

    Preflop my first reaction listening to the podcast was to fold. When a 25bb stack opens UTG, and +1 calls, that is generally strong ranges. I like the 3b if we are going to play but I would size it to be able to fold pre. AQ vs a TT+, AQ+ range which I think we would be up against if a 4b happened.
    When a good +1 player flat second time he has to have a very very strong range, all AA, probably no KK. QQ would made sense, all AK (which you wrongly discarded), and very few AQ
    Flop, I would check back 100%, since its a way ahead way behind situation. If I was to bet, a small bet of 20-25% is nice. Getting raised I would feel like shit, but I would never shove. I think is a tremendous mistake. A good player would never raise there Ax, which I already stated that I don't think he has there either way. While I was listening to the hand I was confident that AK was his holding, which made sense the way he played the hand. Most of the times, if it walks like a duck, quaks like a duck, its a duck...I would probably call his raise and fold to any further aggression. Your statement that you want to protect, its clear wrong and you are leaving chips on the table when you are ahead, and stacking off when you are behind, and that's not what you want. At the end of the day what hand you think he puts us on. I think he took a awhile to make the call because he couldn't believe you would play AQ that way. He would never in a million years fold there.
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