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2-5 PLO - NFD with Blockers on Straightening Board

$1800 effective with main Villain. All start with $1500+ each.

UTG1 - older savvy veteran. Probably played poker for decades. Plays tight, solid, and generally straightforward. Probably views hero as good and one of the more aggressive players amongst this mostly passive lineup.

Hero dealt AhQhAsTc in BB. UTG1 limps. MP (solid pro) $25. Btn (loose) calls. Hero $100 in BB. UTG1, MP, Btn all call. 4way action.

Flop ($400) Qc 9h 8h.
Should Hero lead here with nut flush draw and blockers to top set and straight? Hero checks. Utg1 $400. Folds back to Hero who calls.

Utg1 Has a tight limping range in early position pre-flop. That followed by him potting it into three deep stacked opponents is very strong. I thought his range was mostly JTxx and perhaps a few very strong nonnut hands like KQQT, KQQJ.

Turn ($1200) Qc 9h 8h 9s. Hero has $1300 left. Hero?

Full houses should be a very small part of his range since it would take four working cards on the flop like KQQT, KQQJ, QJT9, JT98, JT88. But should hero check hoping he checks back or start a semi bluff? If so, what sizing with $1300 left?


  • LatvianMissileLatvianMissile Posts: 294Subscriber
    I think I would check and evaluate. If he's a straight forward player, he's going to check a straight and bet a FH. If we hit the J, it doesn't give us the nut straight. This could be a good bluff card since we block QQ and some straights, but I think in this scenario I'd rather bluff IP. There is also the small chance that we're still ahead and V bet something like KQJ8.
    The biggest question is can we credible rep QQ or Q9? Which will be tough to do as the preflop 3! OOP.
  • LivesharkLiveshark Posts: 20Subscriber
    edited February 25
    Yea bluffing here with a flush draw is not a bad play considering the type of player your up against. Being op makes you look stronger when you lead
  • GarlandGarland Posts: 518Subscriber
    I can't remember where I read or hear this, but the most common hand in PLO played is JTxx. I would entertain checking the turn, hoping for a check-back from JTxx and betting $500 for value if a hits and near pot ($1000) if missing repping a boat.
  • High__RollaHigh__Rolla Posts: 798Subscriber
    Liveshark wrote: »
    Yea bluffing here with a flush draw is not a bad play considering the type of player your up against. Being op makes you look stronger when you lead

    That was my thinking at the time and also that I could set my own price to draw to the flush because he should never be raising the turn with less than Q9xx. So, I bet $600 and he tanked for a while before finally calling. I think this sizing is a bit large with $1300 remaining though since it doesn't leave as many options for the river.

    What sizing would you use to lead?
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