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AK Preflop decision

1/3 $300 cap. $500 effective with Villain 1, Villain 2 is short-stacked with $94.

V1 is middle-aged reg who is fairly conservative. He is often on his phone, and generally has the goods when pots get big.

V2 is younger black guy who recently lost most of his stack to V1 when his 2 pair ran into a set. He is still visibly upset, but has locked down in the 10-15 minutes since losing the big hand.

V1 opens UTG to $12, H calls on BTN with A K, V2 shoves from BB for $94, and V1 Calls. Hero?


  • 3BBRC3BBRC Posts: 33Subscriber
    4! And don’t fold.
  • DaddyslapDaddyslap Posts: 110Subscriber
    Agreed on a 4! - Sizing is awkward though - V1 didn't open/repop, so I'd think their range is capped; however, it may not be as they are probably expecting you to fold to what would normally be a large 3! sizing from V2.

    Your hand strength is extremely disguised - I like a jam where you are flipping most of the time and ahead against AQs and possibly AJs, as well as you can get V1 to fold out a lot of his range and go heads up against an obviously tilted opponent with a wide jam range and dead money.

    Jam it in there.
    Thanked by 2Steveo76 CycleV
  • JredAJredA Posts: 100Subscriber
    edited February 20
    I like a 3! pre at a very high percentage, even against a strong UTG range. Flatting is letting the SB and BB in and even though you have position, it's much harder to realize equity multi-way.

    As played, this is a tough spot. After the flat of the BB shove, If we give V1 a range of 88+. AJs+ and AQo+ we are actually slightly behind. Even if we remove AA and KK's we are only a slight favorite. I think its important to note that we are jamming into a side pot, so do we want to build a side pot against a continuing range that we are slightly behind? Im not sure.

    If we jam I doubt V1 calls with a hand we crush like AQ or AJ. I doubt we get AK to fold, but at best I think we would be flipping against QQ or JJ.

    I don't love it, but I think I might flat with the position and build a side pot if we connect. I see the merits for the jam though.
  • hustlinhustlin Posts: 366Subscriber
    If unlikely you think villain is tarping here w KK, AA. Than this is a jam. With the dead money here you want to try to get this pot HU.

    Your hand is also under repped, u have great equity when called, you out villain 1 is a very tough spot w lots of his range.
  • FuzzypupFuzzypup Posts: 2,581Subscriber
    Uyou got $200 in the pot and $82 to call. So direct odds. And you could be drawing dead. Calling let's you bet the flop and move UTG off his AK. or at least see all 5 cards cheap when UTG Xs flop while protecting you vs AA and KK played tricky.

    Or shove $488 and pretty much flip with UTG at best.

    I prefer calling. UTG isn't betting into an empty pot with air OOP. but we can

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