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C-bet matrix question

Utg with AQh I raise $10, my standard open with any opening hand. MP 2, CO, button, and bb all call. Flop is 9,6,2 rainbow, no hearts. Too many callers to fit into the ideal c-bet matrix but because I feel like this flop missed everybody my hand is strong enough so I bet $25, half-pot. Too loose? Ok? Still trying to get a clear understanding of the matrix. Thanks!


  • DaddyslapDaddyslap Posts: 110Subscriber
    edited February 6
    This is a major leak - While you may be successful with a Cbet, the vast majority of the time someone has something. Without a backdoor, you shouldn't be Cbetting this flop. With only a backdoor, you should also not be C-betting this flop. C/F this as soon as you can and move it unless you improve on the turn when its checked around. At the end of the day, multi-way pots should not be Cbet with 0% equity hands.
    Thanked by 2CycleV neutron212
  • WtwebsterWtwebster Posts: 44Subscriber
    That was my thinking reviewing notes post-session. Ended up winning the hand but didn’t want results to influence my understanding of whether it was a good or bad bet. Thanks!
  • FuzzypupFuzzypup Posts: 2,581Subscriber
    This isn't a bet. You are vs 3 and missed. You have no backdoors.

    The 962 board will still get way many callers. T8, 87, 85, A6, 9x, 54, 43, 53.....

    Even so if you could bet like 1/4psb and all the players are capable of folding missed hands, AK, AQ then you could try that. That would be a very tiny +EV play since your overs are pretty clean. If you aren't going to get folds don't bother.
  • ArenzanoArenzano Posts: 1,464Subscriber
    Betting out of position to the field in a MW pot, without a back door draw is a recipe for burning chips.

    Even if you had a back door draw your bets should decline in this spot.
  • hustlinhustlin Posts: 366Subscriber
    yes def no to a cbet, 3 way with backdoor than you can start cbetting possibly on these baord.
  • WtwebsterWtwebster Posts: 44Subscriber
    Thanks for all the comments. I agree. Didn’t want to risk letting the fact that I one a big pot convince me that this was a good play. Q on the turn and villain had KQ. Pure shit house luck.
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