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Journey into Texas, Day Nine

ChaseSpellChaseSpell Posts: 185Subscriber
Heading to Austin today. Planning to check out ATX Monte Carlo, Shuffle 521, Bullets, and ATX Card House, since these rooms seem to have the cheapest time.

Special thanks to @LatvianMissile who has made many thoughtful responses to my posts. He recently started a discussion about flopped overpairs. Here is one of those spots I go into:

$1/$3, $600 effective, 6-handed
H HJ A :s: K :s: K J
H "pot" to 15, CO call (reg), BTN call (reg), BB call (rec)
four players - 61) 8 :s: J Q :s:
BB x, H ?


  • LatvianMissileLatvianMissile Posts: 301Subscriber
    No problem! Learning PLO just like you are.

    I think I'd bet like 25 on the flop. I want to try to keep in low flush draws and we can call if we get raised and I want to keep in any hand with a 9 like 98, q9 or j9 (which you do block) since we can over straight them.
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