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Wrap calculations and shortcuts

TerpHimselfTerpHimself Posts: 331Subscriber
Hey crew, I am releasing a podcast centered around Wraps and I reference a few different calculations during that podcast. Nothing I talk about is new, most of it comes from equations laid out by Hwang or other online sources. But if you do not know/use some of this stuff, or you're looking at becoming better at calculating your equity/outs in your head, these are very valuable.

Shortcut equity calculation vs reasonable range (when you total number of outs = y):

Under 9 clean outs: 4 x y (Ex: 4 outs is 4 x 4 = 16%)

Over 9 outs: (3 x Y) + 9 (Ex: 15 x 3 = 45 + 9 = 54%)

These are approximations, but they land pretty close.

Wrap designations. Calculated by number of outs, with nut outs in parenthesis. Ex: 13(13) is all nut outs, 13(7) means only 7 nut outs, plus 6 non nut outs.

3 types of wraps

1. Wrap around a two card connector on the flop.
2. Wrap around a 1-gapper on the flop
3. Wrap around a 2-gapper on the flop

Connector Examples:

3-0 Wrap around top 13(13)
KQJx on T9x flop

2-2 Wrap 20(14)
JT76 on 98xx

2-1 Wrap 17(11)
763x on 54x flop

1-2 Wrap 17(7)
632x on 54x flop

3-1 Wrap 16(16)
T985 on 76x flop

0-3 Wrap 13(3)
9876 on JTx flop

Examples of 1-card Gap Wraps:

1-1 Wrap 17(11)
J975 on 86x flop

2-1 Wrap 16(16)
KQT8 on J9x flop

2-0 Wrap 13(13)
A986 on 75x flop

0-2 Wrap 13(3)
J98x on QTx flop

Two gap Wrap Examples:

1-0 13(13)
KJTx on Q9x flop

0-1 13(7)
T97x on J8x

Strict equation example:

Wrap around connector:
2-2 x x y y x x 20 (14)
2-1 x x y y x 17 (11)
1-2 x y y x x 17 (7)
3-1 x x x y y x 16 (16)
3-0 x x x y y 13 (13)
0-3 y y x x x 13 (3)

Wrap around 1-gapper:
1-1 x y x y x 17 (11)
2-1 x x y x y x 16 (16)
2-0 x x y x y 13 (13)
0-2 y x y x x 13 (3)

Wrap around 2-gapper:
1-0 x y x x y 13 (13)
0-1 y x x y x 13 (7)

I hope folks find this useful. Once you start working with it, pretty easy to memorize.
Thanked by 1adammartinpoker


  • NLTOPLOPRONLTOPLOPRO Posts: 17Subscriber
    Thanks for this.
    I was working out the examples and think this one has more nut outs.
    0-2 Wrap 13(3)
    AJ98 on QTx flop

    Should have a four kings and three 8s for a total of 7 nut outs. Right?

    I used the same format for another example and the number of nut outs are 3.
    643X on 75x flop
    3 (3)

  • TerpHimselfTerpHimself Posts: 331Subscriber
    Hey @NLTOPLOPRO you're exactly right. My inclusion of the A makes the hand example wrong. It should be J98x on a QTx flop to be correct. Your example is also correct. Thank you!
  • ChaseSpellChaseSpell Posts: 185Subscriber
    Thanks Terp! This thread should be pinned.
  • JoneseyJonesey Posts: 151Subscriber
    I have used flash cards to memorize the various wrap configurations so that I spot them quickly and know my outs and nut outs immediately. it doesn't take long, and it's really valuable. One clarification/question -- your shortcut equity calculations (x4 for under 9 outs, x3+9 for more, is a calculation on the flop? On the turn it's roughly half that?
  • TerpHimselfTerpHimself Posts: 331Subscriber
    Yep that’s flop calculations, correct
  • JoneseyJonesey Posts: 151Subscriber
    great stuff. Thanks!
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