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Leveling at 1/3

Hero is MAWG. Aggro pre. Value heavy bets post because of the multiway nature of low stakes NLHE. $800

Villain is 30 yo Asian male. He has been getting spicy a lot. Very aggressive and showing down bluffs. Playing a really wide range. Vpiping probably 80%. Has been stacked twice already. No 3bets so far. $335


1 limper. Hero raises to $15 with TcTd. V in SB raises to $45. Limper folds. Hero calls.

Flop ($96) 5c5d8c
V bets $40. Hero calls.

Turn ($176) 3h
V bets $100. Hero?

I am never calling to fold the river, so I am either jamming or folding here. VS an unknown, I think this is a snap fold but I am leaning toward a jam here. Thoughts?


  • DaddyslapDaddyslap Posts: 110Subscriber
    With your description, it's certainly possibly he is barreling with big draws like AKc, AQc, Ajc, but superaggro villains can still wake up with hands from time to time. Villain's range is wide open, but I cannot see jamming for value as being profitable as you fold out all of Villain's bluffs. If you think this range includes a huge number of bluffs, you'll want to call and then call the river jam after inducing. If Villain has a pure value range, it was getting in anyway.

    Your decision right now on the turn is to either fold if we are behind V's barrel range or keep them around. Calling turn and river seem the only viable options for me based upon the info provided.
  • Steveo76Steveo76 Posts: 161Subscriber
    I like a jam here. I want Villain to pay full whack to realise his equity if he has overcards and/or a flush draw. Granted, he might actually have the overpair this time that has us beat but there are more combos of unmade hands we are currently ahead of that we need to charge. Plus when you factor in his loose/bluffy image, I think this is the play.
    Thanked by 1HurtLocker
  • NitBetNitBet Posts: 40Member
    Suppose $335 is eff. Stack?

    Make it 10x pre in this kind if games - it works!
    The rest is counting combos.

  • HurtLockerHurtLocker Posts: 25Subscriber
    Agree with @Steveo76 as played on turn. What does everyone think about raising on the flop to deny villain’s equity on draws given he is so wide?
  • ArenzanoArenzano Posts: 1,464Subscriber
    This is a 3b pot where the V’s 3b% is virtually nill. What is the likely range for this V? Do you think 99 is a part of that range? What is the likelihood he is bluffing in this spot?

    He has already put in over half his stack, so how much fold equity do you believe there is if you shove?

    I would think a shove attempts to deny a very narrow range.

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