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$3/$5 Do we call off when the board pairs on the river?

$3/$5 $1000 max buy.

This is played in the Washington where there's a $300 per bet cap. So no individual raise can exceed $300. I've been away from the game for a while, so I might be overthinking this hand. Maybe it's just an obvious fold, but I wanted to get a second opinion, exactly because I've been away from the game for a while.

We're $920 effect and 7 handed (table was full but two people were away)

Hero opens As7s from UTG +2/HJ for $20.

Folds to Villain small blind who calls, big blind folds.

I have some history with Villain. He has called me down extremely light, and correctly, once or twice. He is more aggressive than average for the player pool, though still not what I would call an aggressive player. He's not afraid to call or make "big" bets ($300 max bet is why I put big in quotes).

Pot is $45

Flop is 6s5s4h.

Villain checks. Hero bets $20. Villain raises to $60. Hero 3! to $150 and Villain calls.

I can see an argument for flatting the check-raise on the flop, I don't have a made hand yet, but I have a ton of equity. If I take it down right here that's fine, and if I get called there are a lot of cards that help me.

Pot is $345

Turn is 8d.

Villain checks. Hero bets $225, Villain calls.

I got there, I have a redraw, I would like to get as much money into the pot as possible. I think I'm actually supposed to bet a little larger here, in fact I think I should have bet the full $300. Calling my 3! on the flop means the Villain should have a reasonably strong hand.

Pot is $795

River is 6d

Villain bets $300. Hero is unhappy about it but calls and is shown 86 off.

Getting 3.5:1 I don't think I should fold here. The board pairing gives my opponent a lot of full houses, but I think it also gives him some trips that he thinks are good. There's even a chance he's on a (bad) busted flush draw and is trying to bluff a scare card. On the other hand, casual players often just want to get to showdown with a hand like trips and a one liner to the straight on the board.

Three betting the flop is also potentially questionable. I feel like it was correct. This guy will pay off big bets, and I have a huge draw. But I can be convinced that it's an overplay.

Thanks in advance for your input.
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  • ChaseSpellChaseSpell Posts: 183Subscriber
    This would be a strange line for V to take with any hand that you beat. It seems unlikely he is going to try to bluff you for 300 into 800 given the action prior to this river, and you hold the A :s: which blocks the majority of FD in V's range. As played I would probably fold.

    Checking back the flop seems a bit better than betting. By checking you retain the showdown value of your A-high. The case for betting here isn't compelling (partly because you have some showdown value).

    If you think V will actually check-raise this flop and then fold to your 3b! (The typical player rarely will), then 3b! Is OK with this hand, but I would have sized larger, probably around 200-225.
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