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Facing Raises Preflop with QQ

Two hands that I played with QQ preflop from two different sessions. One of the Villains is involved in both hands.
V1- Asian is his 50s. Limps almost his entire range preflop, including aces, but will also call 3! with SCs or offsuit broadways. (I've never seen him raise AA or KK preflop or 4!).
V2- An aggressive player that plays way too wide preflop and likes to 3! hero.
V3- an older white guy that wears a cowboy hat and will 4! AK, KK or AA 100% of the time. Not a nit, but plays a Doyle Brunson style of poker.

2/5 650 eff, H covers every V.
UTG limps, Hero to 25 with Q Q in MP, V2 (650 eff) in LJ to 75, V3 (475 eff) on Bu cold calls, V1(590 eff) calls. Pot 255. Hero?

Hand 2: From a different night against V1 and another older Asian that calls wide preflop.
2/5 1200 eff... H covers both Vs (V1 is 210 eff). 6-handed and straddle is on.
V1 UTG to 20, v2 calls in the CO, H with Q Q :s: in the SB. What should be our sizing here?


  • joshofalltradesjoshofalltrades Posts: 134Subscriber
    Hand 1 seems like an easy jam, no?

    Hand 2 I think around $100 would be standard. I might size down just a bit to try to get V2 to tag along if V1 calls, but go ahead and 5! If V1 shoves and V2 calls.
    Thanked by 1Steveo76
  • lotto33lotto33 Posts: 75Subscriber
    Hand 1 if V2 is the same villian you described in the intro it's a pretty clear jam

    Hand 2 4x the initial raise + limper= 100
    Thanked by 1Steveo76
  • Nit_BetNit_Bet Posts: 40Member
    edited January 22
    Hand 1 seems like an easy jam, no?

    WTH else for roughly 120bbs and this kind of line-up.
    WTH is a Doyle-Brunson style of Poker?

    Lost 3x the past days pre all-in with QQ vs AK though :-[
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