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To Fish or Grind? Maniacs / Fish / Variance

Hello CLP community,

This is a general question about playing with high variance whales / fish / maniacs and the like. The casino where I log most of my hours is modest by some measures; on a good Friday night there will be 3-4 cash tables + one big O. The action can actually be pretty good, and although there's usually nothing bigger than a 1/3 game the games can play bigger than that, more like a 2/5.

My issue: There are a couple of almost local legend whales that show up at these games. I'm a winning player, and overall have a pretty solid game, but am trying to get to a more consistent level of play - 2019 was my best year yet.

My question is when these guys show up the games almost play like pot-limit-omaha, you'll be lucky to see a turn without putting your stack in. Other players literally salivate when they hear they are inbound! At a recent evening one of these guys was making it 20-30 in the dark on every hand (1/2 table). I raised a couple if time to ISO, which worked - but both times lost my stack while being way ahead pre-flop and post flop. These guys don't play here often, and I'm just wondering if I should avoid these player types and the chaos they create because running bad against them can be quite a setback, and you may not see them at a game of this type for several months ...another player ran great against the fish, on this particular evening, and probably had 6,000K in front of him, not bad for a 1/2 table - the fish was probably in for about that amount, maybe a little less.

Sorry for the long narrative but would appreciate the feedback.


  • HurtLockerHurtLocker Posts: 25Subscriber
    Hi 292YBlock. What is the cap on the 1/3? I’m assuming you’re not under-bankrolled for this game? If your roll can’t take the variance and/or you will play less optimally then don’t put yourself in an uncomfortable situation. At these stakes there will always be money to be made against weaker players on any given day. Find the games where you have the edge. With that said, perhaps sit in with the whales and buy in shorter? Should make most decisions pretty straightforward if you play a tight pf range. These stakes are all about pre-flop anyway. It just sounds like a great game!
    Thanked by 1neutron212
  • 292YBlock292YBlock Posts: 101Subscriber
    edited January 19
    Thanks for the feedback, bank-roll not an issue, I tend to agree with you, but a bummer to have several sessions like this against this field type - in this session KQ suited heads-up after ISO raise in late position looses to 9 3 OS - that type of thing. Last time AA looses to 8 2 OS. Cap for 1/2 is 300 for 1/3 is 500 - I ussually buy in for the max, but maybe you're right and I should play this field short-stacked, the issue is you then will end up seeing the flop multi-way.
    Thanked by 1HurtLocker
  • CycleVCycleV Posts: 1,196Subscriber
    edited January 19
    There's no right or wrong answer to this, so you should go what whatever works for you. For recreational players, even thinking ones like us, there are always multiple goals we have when we play. Money, enjoyment, challenge, feeling good about ourselves, and on and on.

    My theory is as long as we are honest with ourselves about what our true goals are, and how well we handle not achieving them, we will likely make (what for us is) a good decision. It doesn't even have to be a BR issue; emotional variance is often more crippling to us, and if we don't want that in our life--or if we are simply in a spot where we know we're less likely to be able to handle it right now--then don't worry about these games at all.

    Me personally, I'd run over my grandmother to get this kind of action, but I never was all that close to my family to begin with. ;)

    But then again, I quit playing PLO b/c I just didn't want that much swing in my life. So we all have a comfort zone.
  • fozbofozbo Posts: 144Subscriber
    Your making a ton of EV playing with these whales, embrace the variance if you have the roll. 6k in one night? Thats a whole lot of buy ins. I love playing with guys like your describing
    Thanked by 1292YBlock
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