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Call or fold to this river shove?

Steveo76Steveo76 Posts: 161Subscriber
£1/£1 Aspers, London, 8 handed

Hero (£150) raises to £6 UTG with AcKc. Only BB (£165) calls. No history here and hero has only been at the table 15 mins.

Flop: Ah 7c Qd (£13)

Villain donks £10. Hero calls.

Turn: 6s (£33)

Villain bets £9. Hero raises to £25. Villain calls.

River: Qs (£83)

Villain quickly shoves for £109 effective.


Villain is young white guy who looks like he's here more for the entertainment. After he bets he starts playing with his phone. I ask if he has a queen. He says I have to pay to see.


  • HurtLockerHurtLocker Posts: 25Subscriber
    Why no raise on the flop? The river Q makes it less likely he has a Q. Quick motion might just be a spazz so I lean call here.
    Thanked by 1Steveo76
  • cruxcrux Posts: 119Subscriber
    I don't mind the flat on the flop, but I think a bigger raise on the turn to something like $35-40 would be better.

    I feel like donk leads are almost always middling pairs or draws betting for protection, or occasionally something like bottom set on this type of flop. Given my opinion of donk leads and there being no draws that come in here, I feel like V has a Q a lot regardless of card removal. I don't see V having any sets as he probably jams turn if he had 77 or somehow 66. Maybe he had something like A7 that he's now turning into a bluff, but I don't think that's a move you see from someone with V's description.

    I think I make a crying fold here and look for a better spot to pick him off.
    Thanked by 1Steveo76
  • kaboojiekaboojie Posts: 518Subscriber
    I would rather raise the flop here. With no real draws out there yet, I think calling is ok too, but I would prefer a raise.

    AP - the 6s looks like a complete brick so I would just call. We are likley still ahead, but he is double barreling now so he may just have us beat. I'd call and look to call any reasonable river bet.

    AP - Fold river. If he is overbet bluffing the river after we rasie his turn bet, then I tip my hat to him for such a ballsy bluff. I doubt you're good here nearly enough, given the price on a call.
    Thanked by 2Steveo76 HurtLocker
  • Steveo76Steveo76 Posts: 161Subscriber
    Thanks for comments guys!

    So Hero called and Villain showed QhJd to scoop.

    I made the call because his line was so peculiar. When he donk lead for close to pot on the flop I felt like he likely had an ace.

    When he only bet £9 on the turn (even less than his flop bet) I was confident I was ahead. I still had him on an ace with an inferior kicker or perhaps KJ or K10 for a gutshot straight draw.

    Facing his shove on the river I should have been thinking how strong this was after it looks like I've got a big hand myself. Instead I was married to my turn read and concluded that he was trying to blow me off my hand. I just couldn't envisage him playing a queen this way.

    I agree that a raise on the flop is better than the call. I also think I should have raised to £30-£40 on the turn. The river is a fold. Despite the story being a strange one I should have been basing my decision more on the fact that I was facing a large river overbet after I had raised the turn. How often is this a bluff? Hardly ever I would say. Certainly not 40% of the time which is what I need to make the call.
  • Nit_BetNit_Bet Posts: 47Member
    HurtLocker wrote: »
    Why no raise on the flop?

    Yeah, definitely.... napalm-bombing!

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