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Should I give up?

I have recently become the most aggressive guy at the table, because I have been picking up hands pre-flop lately. The villain in the hand calls flops too wide. He has about $170 and I cover with about $300.

7 handed
Hero MP1 raises to $8 A♥️J♣️ CO calls pot $18. Flop Q♦️5♦️4♠️ Hero bets $15 villain calls, pot is about $40 after rake. Turn 6♣️ checks through. River K♦️ Hero bets 25 CO folds.

The villain is a typical $1-2 player, who is not very aggressive, but I have seen him make enough bets to know that he isn’t super passive. I feel a lot of times when a guy is in position and it looks like the pre-flop raiser stabs the flop and checks back turn that he has given up, so I think all but the most passive players semi-bluff this turn with a flush draw. Even guys who don’t typically semi-bluff will in this situation. So I think once we get to the river, he doesn’t have many flushes, but more likely hands like A5, A4, 56 and 67.


  • lotto33lotto33 Posts: 75Subscriber
    Are you asking if you made a good play?
  • GaryramGaryram Posts: 3Subscriber
    Yes, I don't ever really post on here, was wondering some opinions about my play. In the future I will try to remember not to reveal the results right away.
  • LatvianMissileLatvianMissile Posts: 296Subscriber
    C-bet is fine, but I think the river is a check. You have the best hand if V doesn't have a pair. It's not horrible bc you should be folding out 66-JJ, but if he calls preflop way too wide then we're not folding out enough better hands to make this river bluff profitable
  • irwinbetirwinbet Posts: 408Subscriber
    I like he way you played this hand up until the river. You are heads up as the pre-flop aggressor, with a decent board to C-bet bluff.
    I like your check on the turn as this card should not improve your perceived range. Much of his flop calling range (Qx & draws) will likely continue vs a turn bet. If he bets the turn you can comfortably fold being pretty sure you are beat. I doubt a straight, set, 2 pair, or a Q would check back the turn.
    I would love a bet on a river K if it did not complete the flush, which makes up a good portion of his range. I think if you want to bluff this river you could have sized down. A flush is never folding but if he is holding part of his weaker value range, mainly pocket pairs 77-TT as well 76 that hit a pair on the turn, they will have a tough time calling even a small bet here.
    Thanked by 1Superfly
  • SuperflySuperfly Posts: 591Subscriber
    Agree with Irwinbet on this one. You don’t have much showdown value so think roughly 50% PSB representing the K or flush is worth a try. You won’t fold out any flushes, but there are lots smaller pairs and A5/A4 combos that will give up.

    I think you could also consider cbetting less on flop, targeting the same combos.
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