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KK 3-Ways Raised on the Flop

MannMann Posts: 2Subscriber
edited January 10 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
This is probably a pretty standard spot for most people but I am trying to work on my game lately and it is the most questionable hand that I played last night so I wanted to hear peoples thoughts.

Hero has $500.

V1 ($300) is on the BTN, Mid-20s guy who the dealers know by name. I have seen him in the room a few times but never played with him. He sat down about 4 hands ago and has yet to play a hand.

V2 ($700) is UTG , has been shoveling money into pots with terrible holdings. Claims he won $8k the at a home game with pocket 3s the night before and will play any 3 like it's the nuts. I saw him cold call a $50 3-bet OOP and then call a $200 overbet jam on the flop with T3o, on a 368 :r: board earlier and river a 3 to beat JJ and KK. Besides that he is very LAG and I have been waiting for about an hour to get a real hand to play a pot with him.

V2 is barely in the hand but him being in the hand is why I sized the way I did on the flop.

Preflop: Checks to Hero in MP with K K , Hero makes it $15 (standard for this table) BTN and UTG call

Flop: 8 9 J :s: UTG checks, Hero c-bets $30. I think this is one of the mistakes, it's too large but I knew UTG would call me with anything and I wanted to get as much in as I could against him. BTN raises to $80 and UTG thinks for ~30 seconds and folds. At this point I already feel like I am crushed, he has all the 2P combos, most of the sets and straights in his range. I elect to call because I am still ahead of 1P + Draw type hands as well as maybe AJ or AT and I think folding an overpair here is too soft.

Turn:A Hero checks, V1 bets $100, Hero folds

I think at a normal table I should be c-betting smaller or maybe even checking but like I said I wanted to maximize value against UTG. Also not sure about the call on the raise, like I said I feel like I am crushed a lot of the time there but it feels pretty exploitable to fold Kings that easily.

Any and all feedback is appreciated.

Thanked by 1Baggio95


  • GarlandGarland Posts: 518Subscriber
    Just to be clear, UTG limped 1st, not "pre-flop checks to Hero in MP..." Also you didn't mention your stack size but I assume you at least cover V1.

    I don't see any problem with your line your sizing on the flop was 2/3 pot on a draw heavy board, which is fine. Against an unknown in V1, I don't have a problem with calling the flop. Default against non-aggressive villains is to fold the turn.

    Unfortunately, sometimes you go against a button clicker who will bet the turn with whatever just cause he wants to keep the aggression. It's a little dicey and the stack sizes are awkward if you call, but I might be tempted to call again and see if he shuts it down on the river with potentially any of the pair+straight draw, Jx combos he might have. You really need to get a read on this guy.
    Thanked by 1Baggio95
  • MannMann Posts: 2Subscriber
    Sorry, UTG had been gone for a while and missed a BB so he posted and he didn't actually get to act until after my bet. I had $500.

    Thanks for the advice.
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