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Bart HansonBart Hanson Posts: 6,127Administrator, LeadPro
Kelby Marvin reviews online hand histories sent in by a subscriber played at 25nl and 50nl. Kelby discusses common mistakes and outlines a general approach to each situation.



  • sobolevsobolev Posts: 6Subscriber
    First let me say that I am very happy to see this. I only get to play live here in Texas maybe once a month so most of my play is online at these stakes.

    My question is on the one-third bet sizing. Isn’t that giving draws way too good of a price?
  • KSMKSM Posts: 235Subscriber
    Glad you like it! This is a pretty loaded question because of various factors (Board texture, position configuration, IP vs OOP.. etc) but in many spots on flops when equity hasn't been realized (meaning either player is almost never drawing dead) we can bet smaller on boards that are generally neutral and don't favor either player. It forces the PFC to overfold and under realize his equity. Example being BTN open, BB defend, and we get a flop of J72. We have the option to bet small with our entire range and there is simply no way he can defend enough hands which makes it automatically profitable for us.

    It gets trickier on boards that favor one player, or if boards are very draw heavy. Then we could in an ideal world start splitting our range into different sizes but a lot of times it's hard to do correctly and doesn't matter as much as splitting your turn/river actions once betting ranges can become more polar. So for example on J72 say we 1/3 and he calls, turn is J72 Q with two diamonds now. We can start splitting our range into more complex sizes and actions like having small bets, normal size bets, and overbets, and it makes his range much harder to play against us.

    One thing I do want to say though that I will probably make a huge point of in the next video is this is all theoretically based play, and you shouldn't always do these things vs every single opponent. We almost always can find an exploit if we have information and should always be trying to come up with different strategies to counter what our opponents are doing.
  • dpbuckdpbuck Posts: 2,060Subscriber
    @KelbyMarvin question on this hand:

    BTN open 3x, Hero BB defend Q9cc
    Flop QsTs2c, Hero check/calls half pot
    Turn Jcc, Hero check/calls 66% pot
    River Kccc...

    You indicate you are not a fan of leading the river as we don't have any bluffs. Is that due to this specific runout?

    In the scenario where wea backdoor flush appears and we have more suited hands in our range than villain, generally I'd expect to be able to lead the stiff nut flush blocker large as a bluff to balance the times we actually do make the backdoor flush. But in this case the Ac makes a straight and has a lot of SDV, so we wouldn't want to turn that into a bluff, and thus have no bluffs in this spot and don't want to donk. However, if the river were say the 3c, then we can lead the Ac as a bluff (AcTd for example) since it has little SDV.

    That's my interpretation of this spot, but I just want to make sure I'm understanding why you say we can't have any bluffs here.
  • dpbuckdpbuck Posts: 2,060Subscriber
    @KelbyMarvin another question - You indicate the stakes you play online. What sites do you play on? FR or 6max? Standard or Zoom? Your perspective on benefits/drawbacks of each?
  • KSMKSM Posts: 235Subscriber
    edited January 7
    I'm not a fan of donk leading almost ever. It almost never makes sense (Outside of special situations like vs a whale, or knowing a specific exploit vs someone.. etc.) and it hard to execute correctly. If we are donk leading in that hand on the river it's never anything worse than a flush, so since our range is so polar you really have to make it a large size, and an all in size can make sense. Like you said, what are we donk leading with here as a bluff when the Ac makes a straight? Unless we have specific information I'm not a fan of deviating so wildly from a balanced strategy that we make actions that have zero bluffs or zero value. Unless you can come up with a balanced enough strategy that makes sense then sure, go for it but it just becomes increasingly complex and doesn't add much value to our strategy.

    I play all the American sites, and play pretty much every game from 200nl to 1knl 6m and FR and just game select as best as I can around. Zoom is interesting to me but I've never personally been able to play well in an environment with such a small time bank so I avoid it generally. You can do well there but the games are way tougher at the same stakes and I think it's higher EV to just play 6 normal tables than say 2 zoom tables to get the equivalent hands/hr. Also for me I like playing normal tables because I can focus a little less and have a podcast/video or something on my other monitors which passes the time a little easier for me and lets me get more volume in. I would never be able to do that while playing zoom, I time out way too much.
  • BobbyBobby Posts: 3Member
    Thank you for the video Kelby. It definitely renewed my interest into NL as it peaked a new thought process. I am excited for more to come! Poker was recently legalized in my state and am going to jump back in the learning process to be ready whenever the sites open. I will be subscribing soon and look forward to more from you!
    Thanked by 1KSM
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