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AA tough spot or snap fold!?

292YBlock292YBlock Posts: 101Subscriber
edited December 2019 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
1/2 NLH Harrington DE

Hero was running really well, but lost about half his stack in a pot a short while ago, (middle set vs naked flush draw), and now the night is winding down - it's early AM and hero has about 600 and has V1 covered. Some history with V1 - any two card, loosing player - maybe even terrible. Hero is new to this table at this point (tables just combined).

About 300 effective (V1)
2 Limps to hero in SB with AcAh
Hero opens to 15 - typical open for hero, so far at this table this would be standard or maybe just a little larger than standard open.

Both Limpers call (MP1 - main villain, and lo-Jack)

FLOP = Js 6c 7c

Hero leads large - 40 into about 45
MP1 raises to 100 - pacing is fairly quick.
lo-jack folds

Hero tanks, knows this villain, and feels this raise size is a little smallish - but given what the V has behind a call is probaly going to be pot committing.
Hero tanks way too long, and eventually calls -turn is a red king - hero checks, V shoves -"says that is a bad card for me (him)". Hero calls; I think when I made the decision to call the flop raise I was mentally thinking I was going to call most turns - in hind sight this should've slowed me down considerably because it narrowed the number of combos I could now beat (since I block AJ) - I hate the check - shove -call, but am curious if others think it was as bad a play as I do (in-hindsight). I do think the call on the flop is standard. I've actually never had a session like this where I was up so much early-on, and litterally gave all of it back in two hands a half hour apart, pretty frustrating - I was probaly a little tilted at this point, and a little tired.

Always appreciative of the input.



  • hustlinhustlin Posts: 362Subscriber
    edited December 2019
    dam sick....
    I say villain certainly has many 67, J7, heres lol, hell maybe J6s. board is some what dynamic with flush draw and some straight draws. You also block AJ which aint the best. I would lean to get it in here , you have a decent price. Hope hes over play Jx or Jx + FD.
    However folding is reasonable too.

    *** also just want to point out if you call here on flop , its essentially pot commited and u r going to call off the turn ***
    Thanked by 1292YBlock
  • CycleVCycleV Posts: 1,196Subscriber
    A terrible player, the end of the night, just gii otf. If he shows up with any of the dozen hands he could have that you are ahead of, this isn't a post.
    Thanked by 2292YBlock Steveo76
  • kaboojiekaboojie Posts: 518Subscriber
    I dont like your cbet sizing. I can understand if you are looking for max value against this specific V, but I think a psb cbet will blow most players out of the pot and get you 0 value for your premium hand. I would prefer cbetting 25ish here.

    AP - Wet board, terrible player. 3! shoving the flop seems right to me. I dont think calling is horrible either. Just never fold to this V here.

    I read the spoiler. I dont want to give it away so...
    It sounds like you are being a bit results oriented. Also, it seems the roller coaster ride you took this session has you searching for a better play in this hand. Folding either the flop or turn is bad and will negatively effect your win rate. You played fine. Keep posting hands here and getting feedback form others. Keeping the emotion out of your decisions and using your knowledge and experience to guide you is a challenge we all have to deal with.

  • chizler62chizler62 Posts: 71Subscriber
    As Bart has taught us to value bet an amount to value own ourselves a percentage. I have come to think that we should over fold (at $1/2) an amount that we feel might be too much.
    With $40 into $60 you’re almost playing an overpair face up and saying you’re not folding. That’s not very attractive to semi buff against for the villain. Not many are doing this with 89/45 and if they have a straight flush draw they’ll mostly just check call so they get to see it. So I would think we’re behind
    In this spot I would call flop and evaluate turn and ask myself.

    How often is he doing this with AJ? And are they shoving AJ with the K turn? We have the A♣️
    Thanked by 1292YBlock
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