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1/2, 3 Barrel w/ AK in 4! pot?

cruxcrux Posts: 119Subscriber
V in the hand is decent reg. Have played with him once before, and about 3 hours into this session. Has good reputation, but I haven't seen him show down many hands in this session, or scoop many pots. Seems to be playing fairly Tight/Passive, really. Has 3 bet a few times, but limped more. Have seen him 3 bet as light as QJss from LP over MP open. He recently moved to my direct left, but not sure that was so much to get position on me as another player on my right that was a bit of a maniac.
Has effective stack of ~$400, in CO.

Hero HJ, ~$650
I'd say my image is fairly TAG this session. Not played a lot of hands, but have 3! several times pre and post flop, despite mostly middling around fairly card dead.

Hero: A K
opens to $8 (my standard lead)

V 3! $25

Folds back to Hero, thinks for 20-30 sec while counting stack, 4! $78
V quickly calls

Flop ($159)
6 9 4
Hero $65, V sort of shuffles his stack around and calls

Turn ($289)
Hero $125, V tanks maybe 30 sec and call

At this point, pot is now $539. V only has about $130 left in his stack.
I find it very odd that V left himself such a short stack at this point. With no 5! pre and no post-flop aggression, I feel like his range is pretty capped at maybe pockets TT or JJ, but just as likely dragging along on a flush draw. But, I have the A, so it would have to be probably specifically KQ, or maybe 78 ? I would expect 99 if it called a 4! pre to have jammed this turn, if not the flop. After the turn TT seems maybe a good candidate as it picked up a gutshot.

Anyway, river comes J

What now??

General thoughts on the line?


  • kaboojiekaboojie Posts: 518Subscriber
    I like the 4! pre. I’d probably size it a bit smaller say 65.

    I like the Cbet and sizing.

    Ott, I think we have to either jam or check/fold. Having the Ah is pretty significant imo. I don’t see too many fds he could call the 4! pre with that do not have the Ah. This puts V’s range as weighted towards big pps. I think jamming the turn is our best chance to win the pot and maximize fe. Based on your description, it might be worth a shot.

    AP just give up the river. Because I do not think he has many (if any) fds, I don’t see us getting a pp to fold getting 5:1 on a call. Even TT should call here.
    Thanked by 2crux Steveo76
  • cruxcrux Posts: 119Subscriber
    Always appreciate your perspective kaboojie.
    Pre-flop, I pulled out $70 and put it in, but already had the $8 out there that I just left in. Figured it wasn't a be-all, end-all to the rest of the hand.

    I think you're right about the turn, and a check/fold line is the most profitable in the long run here. While having the A on the flop is good for me, it's definitely bad going to the turn.
    My thinking in game was that betting about half of the Vs stack would either fold him out or cause him to jam, in which case I could probably fold. This is obviously flawed logic, as I'm not sure I should actually fold for $130 more after putting in the turn bet.

    The flat from him really threw me off. Reminded me of a hand I posted about a while back where I ran a similar bluff on a 6 high board and 88 called down to the river.
    I hated the J on the river, as JJ was one hand I definitely suspected V would take this line with.
    But, something about the line V took really left me scratching my head. I considered that V could also have AK, or AT, that would take this line.
    I also figured that if I checked, V was definitely jamming and I really didn't want to be in that spot feeling like I have to call and showdown with A high.
    In the end it largely came down to a live read, and just feeling like my best chance to win outright was to continue to represent KK and AA. (and fingers crossed V wasn't holding JJ).
    I put enough out to cover V.
    He tanked for like 30 secs and folded.
    I can only guess in the end he was also holding AK, or AT. I don't think he's folding any pair for $130 more.
    Whatever he had, I was lucky to get this one through.
  • QueensRookQueensRook Posts: 17Subscriber
    I agree with kaboojie, turn jam or check-fold, and I prefer the latter.
    You say V is decent reg. His range for 3-bet, call 4-bet, call flop includes a lot of pocket pairs, and maybe some direct suited connectors. A lot of these hands now are a minimum of pair plus gut-shot. I think you are too likely to get called, and find yourself in bad shape. That you block the nut flush draw adds to the problem in my view.
    On the river also I check-fold.
    At this level, how many times have you heard "I put you on AK"?
    I need very player and situation specific reads to go all the way barrelling all streets with AK.
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