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1st $3/5 session

PuckPuck Posts: 2Subscriber
edited December 2019 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
It Christmas night and after I get done making dinner, I decide that I want to go play. So, I look online and see that a casino 2 hrs away has 3 $1/3 tables with 9 wait-listed for the $3/5 game. My wife tells me to have fun. Now I normally play in home games and the Portland Poker Rooms and once in a while at one of the couple of games at the strip clubs in Portland. The local casino which is 45 minutes away only has 2 $1/3 tables so I decide to drive where there is more selection. More importantly, I decide that I want to take a stab at $3/5 which has a $1000 cap and Muckleshoot has a $500 max bet per street. Now I didn't plan this so I am subject to the $600 daily cap at the ATM. So, I decide on the way there that buy in for 2 $300 bullets instead of $500 bullets as I don't want to drive to different ATMs and spend the time and pay fees just to get $1000. I get there and they have 1 table of $3/5 and I am 5th on the list so I sit down at $1/3 with $140 and double up then decide to cash out to wait for the 3/5 game as I don't want to get tied down in this $1/3 game as I drove the 2 hrs to play $3/5 not $1/3. Also I remember hearing Bart talking about how we should jump to $3/5 as fast as we can as the play is basically the same and rake is too much at $1/3. About 1hr and 45 minutes in to my $3/5 the session I have a reputation as a tight recreational player and get Jd Js in MP2 with 350 behind and utg straddle for 10 with 1 limp and I raise to 40 and bb (who I played with at the $1/3 table) and utg calls flop Jc 3s Ah check to me and I bet 40 the bb calls and utg folds turn is Qh and bb leads for 60 and I call River is 7d and sb leads for 70 and i jam for 210 and he calls and i win with set of jacks. The BB was shocked on what I have and never shows. My question is what do you think he has given that he was shocked that I won and didn't show. Did he flop a set of 3s or top pair and is delusional enough to think he has the nuts with top pair? I understand thinking that top pair is good. But I don't understand how you can be shock when you loose with top pair. Anyways, I would like your thoughts.
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