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1/3 - Going 8 Ways to the Flop After Opening AA

1/3 Grand Victoria Elgin, IL. Bad beat jackpot is over $215K so action is good.

Hero UTG +1 ($450 in stack) with A A :s: Open $15. Get 7 callers. Apparently hero has a loose image.

Going 8 ways to the flop ($120) of 5 2 2

Checks to hero. Hero leads $40. Villain 1, who hasn't been at the table too long but is a 70+ year old gentleman, jams all in $190. Folds around to Villain 2 who tank calls the $190, leaving $250 behind.

Villain 1 seems like a bad OMC, but I put him on a flopped full house with 55 or at the very least I think he has a deuce.

I've been playing with Villain 2 for a few hours and he is a bit call happy, but has been playing pretty solid/straightforward.

Getting over 3:1 to call here, but I just think there is no way I am good after the old man jams 4x my flop lead. And I still need to worry about V2. If I had the Ace of diamonds, I might have been able to find a call.

I fold face up. Was this too nitty?

Turn is another duece. Brick river.

OMC has 99. V2 shows pocket 10s and scoops.


  • PiggyPiggy Posts: 172Subscriber
    edited December 2019
    Not folding vs an OMC. The only A2s out there is A2cc. OMC could very well have all overpairs including JJ+ here.

    If you’re going to fold, NEVER do it face up here. You’re just inviting people to push you around.
    Thanked by 1neutron212
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