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Crush Live Poker Video No. 422: Dealing with 3Bets From OOP

CLP_CraigCLP_Craig Posts: 774Administrator
Rob takes a look at one of the most difficult spots in NLHE, facing a 3bet from out of position.

Episode Posts at 11 AM PST.



  • SugarmanSugarman Posts: 41Subscriber
    Hi Rob, there was a lot of strategy discussion on the 3rd hand about playing a 3b or fold strategy out of the SB, and why that's beneficial.

    In Ki's most recently updated section on preflop in fast track poker, he expounds that if V doesn’t fold much we are building a big pot OOP vs someone who has the range adv and position, which is especially dangerous vs aggressive, competent opponents. What are your thoughts on this? Are both strategies reasonable? I take it you advocate for 3b or fold?
  • RobFarhaRobFarha Posts: 192Pro
    I'm not sure I understand what you mean by "range advantage" in this case. If CO opens, we 3bet from the SB and he calls, what does "range advantage" mean? There are certain boards that favor the caller, certain boards that favor the PF 3bettor. You didn't mention any flop textures.

    If you are talking about hot and cold equity preflop the 3better will always be ahead of the caller because we have 100% of AA/KK/AK etc and he doesn't. So I am not quite sure I understand the question when you use the term range advantage.

    In terms of why I think 3b/fold sb vs LP opens is best in nearly all situations -

    1. You don't cap yourself or give BB a great opportunity to squeeze/call super light getting an amazing price.

    2. You are OOP for the entirety of the hand, with a weak, unprotected range. We really want to win the hand preflop due to these disadvantages. Postflop will likely be a nightmare where we are going to end up overfolding a bunch to cbets because unlike IP, we don't get to cbet and realize our equity, check back turns and see free rivers etc. Villian does get to do those things against us.

    3. You are not getting that great of a discount like the BB.

    I understand this spot is kind of daunting for people because nobody wants to play bloated pots OOP against good guys, but I can promise that once you understand this strat and implement a linear 3bet range from the SB, it plays much better and it's actually much simpler than trying to devolop a call sometimes/3bet sometimes strat which usually involves you getting owned when you make either decision. If you call weak/speculative hands and 3bet all the strong ones, you become easy to play against. If you start flatting overpair hands to protect your weak hands you end up losing a ton of value against a wide CO/BTN range. Also this strat absolutely destroys live poker because as I've mentioned people don't nearly 4b enough IP. People often flat like QQ live. This strat plays great against people who wont 4b you.

    Also just to mention again for clarity, I advocate 3b/fold vs CO and BTN opens. Some exceptions where I think it's ok to call sometimes -

    bb is a whale
    stacks are short and a 3bet will commit you or nearly commit you
    the preflop opener is a massive, massive nit fish that will stack off disproportionately to your speculative hands when they hit.

    If some nit opens UTG you certainly arent 3b/f 99 from the small blind. It's ok to call there. This is dealing with wide range openers.
  • RobFarhaRobFarha Posts: 192Pro
    An eye opening poker quote I heard one time

    Your goal from the SB isn't to win money, it's to lose less money.

    You will always be negative from the SB, playing something like 12-14% VPIP as a 3bet only minimizes the times we enter the pot and when we do enter, we enter with aggression that may allow us to win PF.

    It sucks when we have like 88 and get 4bet. But it's a better strat because of all the time we dont check fold 88 on JT6 against A6ss and stuff like that, which you will end up doing quite a bit if you make a habit of calling oop. Also once again, people live dont 4bet IP anywhere close to enough. It makes 3betting much better.
  • SugarmanSugarman Posts: 41Subscriber
    Hi Rob, thanks for the prompt response.

    I believe that Ki was referring to the caller - if they are a good player playing decent ranges, -having a more condensed flatting range facing the 3b than we will have 3betting ourselves. However, I can’t say for certain, as my initial statement, “if V doesn’t fold much we are building a big pot OOP vs someone who has the range adv and position, which is especially dangerous vs aggressive, competent opponents” is pulled straight from Ki’s preflop module in the Fast Track section of CLP. Thus, I am only extrapolating.

    FWIW, Ki advocates a very high % 3b from SB vs LP, but tightens up significantly to include even JJ at nearly 100% frequency and AKo at partial frequencies facing a competent EP opener.
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