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$2/$5 - Flop Top Set, Jam This River?

JredAJredA Posts: 100Subscriber
$2/5 Local Casino - $500 Cap

Hero has the effective stack of $900 and has a LAG image.

Villain in the hand has shown the ability to bluff both with 3 bets and post flop in the past but this specific day has played very straight forward against the REGS as there are two obvious spots in the game. One spot is drinking heavily and splashing around. Villain 3 bet with K9s IP against one of the spots earlier in the session and showed the bluff with pride. Overall villain is a slightly above average REG who has a high bluff frequency but has the ability to put villains on ranges and make lay downs.

Hero $20 from CO w/ JdJc.

Villain $100 from the BB.

This sizing is a tad on the large size for villain and with the previously mentioned factors in play I call.

Flop ($200) = Js 9s 3h

Villain $120. I call.

Turn ($440) = Kh

Villain check. I $220. He call.

River ($880) = Qs

He tanks and checks. Hero has $450'ish behind, jam or check it back?



  • fishcakefishcake Posts: 1,002Subscriber
  • neutron212neutron212 Posts: 23Subscriber
    edited December 2019
    Check board is too wet. V 3! Of out of BB has all the combos. Should have 3! on the flop (240-300) put the pressure back on V and to make a decision to play for his stack.
  • JredAJredA Posts: 100Subscriber
    edited December 2019
    neutron212 wrote: »
    Should have 3! on the flop (240-300) put the pressure back on V and to make a decision to play for his stack.

    I immediately thought about this after the hand and I think I agree. My default thought in game was too flat and keep in all his bluffs and hands that I dominate. But looking back Im not sure how many bluffs he really has here taking into consideration how he was playing that day.

    Giving him a few bluffs and some AK combos, a large portion of his range is still over pairs (18 combos) and 3! puts that portion of his range in a gross spot. There are a few draws I could have here and I do have a LAG image.

    I think I like raising to the $230-$240 range then jamming turns if called as the better line compared to flatting.
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