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Weekly study goals and leak finder through online poker!!

McLovinMcLovin Posts: 50Subscriber
edited December 2019 in Poker Goals and Challenges
Hello grinders,

I am mostly playing live poker as a hobby for past 3 years and got really serious with it from 2019. I mostly play 2/5 live.

Lately i am trying to experiment some plays and find my leaks in a better way. It is really difficult to do it live. That's why i decided to start playing on Ignition and use tracking software's for analyzing and finding my leaks. I know it will not be a correct approach but it might at-least help me in understanding my most common mistakes and work as a platform for experiments.

I am starting with $100 on Ignition and will looking forward to put around 6-7 hours per week for volume and 2-3 hours for study and discussions. I have zero experience playing online poker so i am planning to start with 0.02/0.05 zone poker and climb the stakes as my bankroll grows. In zone poker i am able to play around 200-250 hands per hours so i am initially looking to play 6000-8000 hands per month. I know this will sound really silly to online pros but i am not used to multi-labeling. Once i get used to it i am planning to put around 15000 hands per month.

I mostly play live around 20 hours per week and have a full time job so this is all i can do in terms of volume.

For tracking i am mostly planning to use poker tracker 4. Because of zone poker i have to wait for 24 hours to import full hand history which really sucks. I am planning to import all weekly sessions by Sunday and do 2-3 hours of study to post some interesting hands and analyze my plays and leaks.

That being said lets start the grinding and hope that i am actually able to follow this routine for significant time!!
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  • McLovinMcLovin Posts: 50Subscriber
    Week 1:

    I got the first week in the books!! We really crushed it volume wise putting around 2500 hands for the week. This is way above my expectations. Also i am not able to put another two sessions in the tracker yet because of the 24 hours wait time.

    Result wise the first week is break-even. Ended up winning whooping $0.36!! Some really run bad spots and some punts i made. Our adjusted all-in is $19.27 so that explains a lot i guess for the run bad. I am thinking about just ignoring the results till the end of month from now onwards. This way i can focus more on mt game.

    I am currently using the HoldemManager 3 free trial but most likely will end up with PokerTracker 4 after the end of next week.

    The major leaks i need to work on:

    1) Playing from LP vs Blinds and SB vs BB: In live poker usually i do not run in this spots often enough because of the low volume and bunch of limpers. I am certainly over-bluffing in this dynamics because of the more offsuits hands and i think my frequency is way off when it comes to bluffing. Also from SB vs BB i am playing super wide which i really need to control. I got the Equilab setup to limit the offsuit hands when i am in this positions which is really helpful. I think i need to limit my range C-betting in this spots because with all bunch of offsuit hands i arrive on Turn with shit ton of bluffs and i will just empty the clip in certain spots. I am planning to limit the triple barrels in this spots.

    2) Mental game: It is really bad in Zone poker because of the fast pace. Few suck outs and i will just go insane in LP vs Blinds and SB vs BB dynamics. Looks like i need to refresh my notes from Mental game of poker. Also maybe taking a break from the zone for couple of hands will certainly calm me down.

    3) Volume: I am planning to play 3 sessions of 2 hours for next week. Also i am thinking about just stop playing in 1-3 games while i wait for 2-5 for live poker. This short 1-3 sessions are full of variance and it feels like instead of playing 30 minutes to 1 hours session i can just play online from my phone and put another 2-3 hours for online volume.

  • middlingstuntmiddlingstunt Posts: 1Member
    edited March 26
    just started out myself. currently on waiting time. but i plan to adopt your approach of 20 hour weekly play.

  • PokerShamanPokerShaman Posts: 107Subscriber
    What you are doing will serve you well.
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