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Adjustments required for high rake games?

PolarizedPolarized Posts: 196Subscriber
edited December 2019 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
Hi guys, I'm back her after a 2+ year hiatus and having only played once in the last 2 years.

I'm going to Melbourne for 3 months and playing a fair bit of 9 handed 2/5. The rake there these days sucks but the action does make up for it.

The rake is 10% capped at $15 and just about all the 2/5 players buy in for the maximum of $500. If players fold preflop, rake at 10% is still taken.

In these games players just love to see flops, They will limp call and so often if some one opens to 3x or 4x plus $5 more for each limper the next player to act will often call and start the value train and most then come on board with wide ranges.

However, If I am to increase my raise size by much more, then often times we don't get action and just pick up the limps and blinds, unless a player has a suited broadway which if he/she flops a Royal Flush they win a jackpot. Players will pay way too much to see a flop to win he jackpot or set mine.

There is not much 3 betting and if there are 3 bets, it is usually just AA-JJ(1010), AK & sometimes AQ and very little 3 and 4 bet bluffing. I have rarely seen open raise bluffs from EP.

What adjustments do I need to make to play optimally given the rake and player tendencies?

I never open limp but in the past I have often over limped or called a raise from an MP open when its multiway with SC's, 22-99, Suited Ax's A10s AJs AQo, KQs KJs, K10s, QJs,Q10s and default 3 bet AA-1010, AK AQs.

I'm leaning towards opening the standard ranges that are promoted on this site and on similar sites such as Upswing and Concious poker with a larger size opens. If I get too many folds and no action, I figure that I could do one of two adjustments:

1/ widen my opening range with the larger open sizing until players adjust.

2/ narrow my opening range and decrease the size of my open.

As I said it only takes a player to my left to call who then starts the value train and its then multiway vs several players or they all fold.

I assume multiway pots also inflates the rake and takes a lot more $$$ off the table so I think I'm right in saying I'm better off playing my opening hands heads up or maybe 3 way at the most?

Thanks in advance.
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