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ICM-mistake on bubble?

Hello guys,

Just got back from the local casino and would like some feedback about this spot, where I am pretty sure I made an ICM-mistake.

€110 EUR tourney, 25 min levels, we are 8 players left. 7 places paid, €260 for min-cash and small increases up to around €700 for 3rd, while 2nd get around €1470 and 1st €2250.

If it even matters, min-cashing or not is of no relevance to my finances.


Blinds 4000-8000-8000.

I am in BB this hand and have around 110 000 after having posted. One other stack in mid-pos has around 100k as well, while two others are around 150k.

UTG (250k?) raises UTG 16000
UTG+1 (600k, clear chip leader) re-raises 47k.
Hero in BB looks down at JJ


I know of ICM, and realize that a calculator will probably give a super tight range here (KK+ if I have to guess). At the same time I am reluctant to fold such a huge hand just because it's the bubble, and the chip-leader have shown tendencies to try and abuse it a bit.

At the same time we are talking UTG and UTG1, which likely means that at least one of them have something.


  • LatvianMissileLatvianMissile Posts: 296Subscriber
    It sucks being on the bubble, but I'm re-raising this. It's nice to cash, but a min cash doesn't really accomplish much and we need a big stack to win the thing. I'm shipping, knowing that UTG +1 has to call.
    Thanked by 1Steveo76
  • BigWhale11BigWhale11 Posts: 13Subscriber
    Thanks for the reply, Latvian.

    Even if we ship, I assume JJ (and AK) is the very bottom of our range though, given action and situation?
  • JustfourfunJustfourfun Posts: 202Subscriber
    You say: “At the same time we are talking UTG and UTG1, which likely means that at least one of them have something.” I agree, You could be up against two big hands here. I would fold, not so much because of ICM considerations but because of so much action from early position. What’s the best case scenario here?: V1 has 99 and V2 has TT, or both Vs have AK? Fold because V2 just put 1/12th of his big chip stack into a pot after a UTG raise
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